Friday, May 25, 2007

Gone a-Pirate-in'

This will probably be our last road trip sans Jack and I am already pooped. I've done laundry, loaded the car, loaded the Yippee!-Pod, made rice krispy treats, and prepped the backseat of the car for the dogs' trip to the parents house. I'm still under the firm impression that the dogs should be traveling in a seperate car, but oh well. I can deal with them the 20 minutes it takes to get to the parental units house.
And then, off we go with a car full-o-stuff.
We'll have the Mac, so chances are likely that you'll get an update or two... Technology is awesome.

Lily's new haircut

I cut Lily's hair yesterday. She loves it and I'm totally happy with it.

Note: the look on her face below is because she has a mouth full of cocoa krispies.


Yesterday, Casey asked me to pick up a pack of smokes for him on the way home. Since I was out and about buying fishing poles and other such things for our roadtrip this weekend, I didn't really mind. I had Lily with me and that generally means the obligatory bag of gas station M&M's, another thing I don't mind since she doesn't really get them that often and they would be a good road trip munchie for her.
This time, though, she informed me that I had yet to get root beer for her for the trip and could she please have some. Since she asked politely, I decided to say yes and we headed to the drink refrigerators at the back of the Speedway.
And that was when the Road Trip God's smiled down upon me and said... "Jess, you've been a good little girl! Have a Vanilla Coke!" I danced for joy right then and there, probably embarrassing Lily. It had a new look to it, but it was the same old flavor that I have loved and missed. I took the bottle (dancing all the way) up to the counter and happily informed the clerk "They brought it back! The Road Trip Gods have smiled upon me! Whoo hoo!" The clerk just gave me a weird look and giggled.
Yes, it will be a most excellent weekend simply because Coke FINALLY brought back Vanilla Coke. Thank you Coke! I can't say it enough! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before & After featuring My Husband

Before MacBook...


After MacBook

Note: The shirt says "I am currently away from my computer."

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Trail Day

I am such a history buff. I love learning about history and some of my fondest memories were of summer vacations spent hanging out with my dad, traveling from Civil War Battlefield to Civil War Battlefield. I was obsessed with Abraham Lincoln at the age of nine and I even (begrudgingly at the time because I had to wear a really stupid costume that I hated) participated in a historical recreation of certain town when we lived in Illinois. History, I think, is awesome. So, when Lily's teacher announced they would be going to this thing called Trail Days at Pinhook Park, I was totally all over it. It didn't matter that it was only 40 degrees outside, I wanted to go with Lily and her class and learn all about the history of South Bend, which I admit, I don't know much about.

So, Wednesday morning, I wake up bright and early and pile on the clothes, pack lunches for both Lily and myself, hunt down my sketchers (which were the closest thing to hiking boots I have) and make sure I have an empty camera. The teacher said "you will get muddy." And then, it starts drizzling. Tuesday we had all but a tornado (which actually there were reports of one a few miles away), so mud was expected. I get Lily up and dressed, we eat a decent breakfast and we're out the door. When I walk into the school, the secretary announces that they were delaying the start of the field trip for an hour. No problem, I head to Star Bucks for a chai fix. I return an hour later, belly warm, and head down to Lily's classroom where I partake in a rousing (and often cheated on) game of Measuring Monkeys. The field trip is delayed another hour. 9:30 rolls around and everyone starts getting ready to go. Kids are sent to the bathroom (and I follow suit), the ones who have coats get their coats on, and then we all head out the door and onto the trail that will lead us to the St. Joseph River.

I was definitely channeling my inner Jack for this field trip. We climbed down a long steep bank, listening to our "guide" talk about early life in South Bend. We came to the river and there were some more "settlers" that talked of the native americans and fur trappers and as they talked they shared "pioneer popcorn" with us. And then came the boats. We crossed the St. Joe River in boats. Imagine sharing a boat with about 6 first graders, half of which were boys, completely bent on tipping us over, while the girls screamed "NO NO NO!!!" I laughed at the whole thing, Lily laughed, and somehow I was the only one that managed to get their pants wet. I still have no idea how I did that one. Several boat trips later, the entire class was across and in the last boat came the teacher, with practically the entire class chanting "TIP THE BOAT! TIP THE BOAT!" as she crossed. I don't think she knew what they were chanting because she was laughing and rasing her arms into the air in what I can only guess was mock agreement?

Once across the river, we met up with "Princess Mishawaka" who told us about how the city was named for her and a brief history of Mishawaka and we also met a local fur trader named "Pierre Navarre" who told us about various animals that he trapped. We then, visited about a dozen or so stations each with different "settlers" that showed us various things about how people used to live during the time period (early to mid 1800s) and various tidbits about history. The only bad thing about the day was that it was absolutely FREEZING outside. The wind was unforgiving and I ended up unzipping my coat and sheltering both Lily and her friend Kate in my jacket to keep them warm. Poor Kate was so cold that her teeth were chattering! Thankfully, with the three of us huddled together, we were able to stay pretty warm and the "settlers" eventually had a nice warm fire going at every station for us to huddle by while they told us stories and taught us songs from the pioneer days.

Lily's favorite moment, though, had to be when they got to do a bit of fishing. Somehow, she has gotten it in her head (prior to yesterday) that she wanted to go fishing. Never mind that neither I nor her dad have ever gone fishing (let alone expressed an interest in it), she has wanted to go fishing for a while now. So, when she found out they had fishing poles set up for the kids to try (tree branch with string and a hook, pick your own worm thank you very much), she was thrilled. She selected her pole, got a worm (with the help of friend Garrett who was not shy about selecting a worm at all), and headed for the waterfront. With the help of one of the dad's that was along on the field trip, she cast her worm into the water and we waited. About five minutes later, there was a tug!! The pioneers had attached very modern bobbers to the string just in case, so when it dipped below the water, I jumped and told Lily to pull in her string. We ended up not catching the fish, but the fish most certainly took the bait! Lily was the only one that came that close to catching a fish! It was really quite awesome!
With the fishing, came the end of the field trip and we all loaded up into minivans to head back to the school. Everyone was cold and tired and the chaperones decided it would be better for everyone to have lunch back at school where they could warm up, so off we went. After making sure Lily was back in her classroom, I headed home to have my own lunch. By this point I was quite tired, but had to stay up because Lily would be dismissed in about an hour and a half. Luckily, with the delay of the field trip, I managed to help Lily get all of her homework done in the morning so she wouldn't have to worry about anything when she got home. At 3:00, I picked Lily up and we came home, both changing into p.j.'s and settling on the couch to discuss the days events. I lasted about an hour after that and headed up for a nap. I may have been able to make it through not only a very muddy trail (in my opinion the best part next to the whole crossing the river bit), but walking all over a very large park until 1:00 in the afternoon. All while 23 weeks pregnant (which is the start of month 6). I felt really good. Tired, but really good. I "napped" until about 9:ooPM, when I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate some food and then headed back upstairs and crashed again around 10:PM.
Today I feel pretty good but very tired. I'm a little achy, too. Although, Jack seems to want to go back out and play. I was thinking about taking Casey to the trail this weekend if we have time. It was a really cool trail. I know the people won't be there, but it would still be really cool to explore and show off. Casey, it seems, has other plans this weekend. Something about organizing his new truck. Oh well, maybe next weekend? So yeah, that was my grand adventure for the month. I can't wait to do it again!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pregnancy Update

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would get on a swing and spin yourself around so that the chains would get all wound up and then eventually, you'd pick up your feet and spin uncontrollably until the chains were unwound? I think Jack is doing that with his umbilical cord. Seriously, it feels like he's doing flips in there and he's using his hands and feet to kick out and either propel or stop himself. Our little Jack is definitely action packed! The kicking and/or punching is becoming more and more frequent, which I guess is a good thing. He is constantly reminding me that he's in there and that he's not going anywhere.

Pregnancy is going well. I actually had a bout of morning sickness this morning. First time in a while. I think it was more of a coughing fit that led to throwing up, though. I didn't hack up a lung, but I certainly hacked up a bunch of phlegm.

We have solved the middle name dilemma, but I don't want to reveal what it will be just yet. I'll put it this way: we have to wait and see when Jack is born. Either way, it works and we get a decent middle name. Woot. If certain people can promise me they won't spill the beans about the middle name, I can tell them what it may be, but yeah... big promises must be made. Capisce? Capisce.

Well, I'm off to make brownies. Yum.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I am a dumbass.

In the past couple of days I managed to lose an entire week and today, I managed to gain it back albeit in an incredibly stupid manner. The past week I've been running around with the idea in my head that by next ob/gyn appointment is Monday. Monday! Can't forget! Appointment on Monday! Then, I looked at the calendar, yes I LOOKED AT THE CALENDAR and I noticed "OH, Lily has a half day the same day as my OB appointment."
So, today I'm running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Get up, get Lily dressed, let my dad know what's going on, remind myself that I have an OB appointment and that Lily has a half day, have Casey remind me of the same thing (I've been VERY scatterbrained lately.). Take Lily to school, get some breakfast with dad, take a bath, go to OB appointment.
I get in the office, sign in, and the receptionist lady gives me a rather confused look. The questions start just as I sit down. "Who are you here to see? What's your birth date?" Two minutes later, I realize that my appointment is not today, Monday May 7th. My appointment is Monday, May 14th. I can see my carefully planned day unraveling like one of those big cable sweaters in a cartoon.
So, does that mean Lily doesn't have a half day? Yep. She has a full day of school and I sent her off with talk of a half day, going to the zoo and absolutely no lunch. I called the school just to double check and my hunch was right. The half day is next week. I made her a lunch and I'm going to run it over there momentarily. Thankfully, we don't live too far from the school. I think after I drop the lunch off I will come home and take a nap and try and start the day over and then I'll go meet my dad for lunch.
I feel like my day is completely off and I really must try and get it back on track. Ugh.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Been A While

So, it's been a while since I blogged, although I swear Blogger ate one of my posts about my allergies exploding. Oh well. It was a particularly dull blog, save the cartoon which I posted which half the people in the world would get from inference and the other half would be like "Tree Bukkake? Huh?"

Yeah, my head has been feeling particularly implode-y the past week. I can't figure out if it is due to the whole allergy season ramping up or me possibly having a head cold. I just don't know. I'm suspecting it's a head cold simply because I've been feeling crappy for a week now despite taking antihistimines, but then again the antihistimines that I'm taking either make me want to sleep most of the time or do absolutely nothing for me due to the whole pregnancy thing. Jack, however, is probably quite mellow and sneeze-free.

Lily woke up Friday morning with a 102 degree fever. I had asleep all of three hours when this happened, so I was definitely out of it and probably not channeling the proper mom-ness that I should have. I managed to actually get her some water, tylenol, and a cool wash cloth for her head (while wandering around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off). Casey stopped me and told me to calm down that it was just a fever. BUT for some reason, I don't channel "I just woke up" with sluggishness. I channel "I just woke up" with a bit of panic, trying to get as much done as possible in ten minutes time. I'm weird that way. Normally, Casey doesn't see it because he's still in bed, but he beat me as far as getting up yesterday was concerned so he saw Panic-Jess in her full morning glory. It usually takes through breakfast for me to calm down. It's actually kinda funny.

Jingle totally impressed us yesterday. She caught another mouse. The cat is worth her weight in gold and then some. It was hilarious, too, because the mouse had somehow managed to get upstairs and behind Lily's games and dresser, so Casey pulled the dresser away from the wall and the mouse ran out. I grabbed Jingle, prepping to throw her toward the mouse should we see it, and then the mouse out from behind the games and right toward me!!

I didn't even think about it! I just dropped Jingle directly onto the mouse! Jingle looked up at me like "WTF?!" and ran down the stairs, leaving Casey and I wondering if she had gotten the mouse because we didn't see it at all. I kept looking for the mouse, while Casey followed Jingle downstairs and low and behold she had indeed caught the mouse. The thing was just so tiny that it conveniently fit in her mouth! We didn't even see the mouse's tail sticking out!

The poor little mouse was dead in about ten minutes. The thing was only about 2 inches big, not including tail. I thought at first that Jingle had severed half of it because it was so tiny, but then I saw the tail attached, and figured it was just a baby.

Now, if only Bonzai would be as good a mouser as Jingle, our house would be mouse free in no time. Ah, the joys of living in old houses. ;-)

I must go now. My dad will be here any minute and I want to finish cleaning up the downstairs. I also have laundry to fold. Whee fun! Just how I wanted to spend my saturday!