Saturday, May 05, 2007

Been A While

So, it's been a while since I blogged, although I swear Blogger ate one of my posts about my allergies exploding. Oh well. It was a particularly dull blog, save the cartoon which I posted which half the people in the world would get from inference and the other half would be like "Tree Bukkake? Huh?"

Yeah, my head has been feeling particularly implode-y the past week. I can't figure out if it is due to the whole allergy season ramping up or me possibly having a head cold. I just don't know. I'm suspecting it's a head cold simply because I've been feeling crappy for a week now despite taking antihistimines, but then again the antihistimines that I'm taking either make me want to sleep most of the time or do absolutely nothing for me due to the whole pregnancy thing. Jack, however, is probably quite mellow and sneeze-free.

Lily woke up Friday morning with a 102 degree fever. I had asleep all of three hours when this happened, so I was definitely out of it and probably not channeling the proper mom-ness that I should have. I managed to actually get her some water, tylenol, and a cool wash cloth for her head (while wandering around the house like a chicken with it's head cut off). Casey stopped me and told me to calm down that it was just a fever. BUT for some reason, I don't channel "I just woke up" with sluggishness. I channel "I just woke up" with a bit of panic, trying to get as much done as possible in ten minutes time. I'm weird that way. Normally, Casey doesn't see it because he's still in bed, but he beat me as far as getting up yesterday was concerned so he saw Panic-Jess in her full morning glory. It usually takes through breakfast for me to calm down. It's actually kinda funny.

Jingle totally impressed us yesterday. She caught another mouse. The cat is worth her weight in gold and then some. It was hilarious, too, because the mouse had somehow managed to get upstairs and behind Lily's games and dresser, so Casey pulled the dresser away from the wall and the mouse ran out. I grabbed Jingle, prepping to throw her toward the mouse should we see it, and then the mouse out from behind the games and right toward me!!

I didn't even think about it! I just dropped Jingle directly onto the mouse! Jingle looked up at me like "WTF?!" and ran down the stairs, leaving Casey and I wondering if she had gotten the mouse because we didn't see it at all. I kept looking for the mouse, while Casey followed Jingle downstairs and low and behold she had indeed caught the mouse. The thing was just so tiny that it conveniently fit in her mouth! We didn't even see the mouse's tail sticking out!

The poor little mouse was dead in about ten minutes. The thing was only about 2 inches big, not including tail. I thought at first that Jingle had severed half of it because it was so tiny, but then I saw the tail attached, and figured it was just a baby.

Now, if only Bonzai would be as good a mouser as Jingle, our house would be mouse free in no time. Ah, the joys of living in old houses. ;-)

I must go now. My dad will be here any minute and I want to finish cleaning up the downstairs. I also have laundry to fold. Whee fun! Just how I wanted to spend my saturday!

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