Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday, Casey asked me to pick up a pack of smokes for him on the way home. Since I was out and about buying fishing poles and other such things for our roadtrip this weekend, I didn't really mind. I had Lily with me and that generally means the obligatory bag of gas station M&M's, another thing I don't mind since she doesn't really get them that often and they would be a good road trip munchie for her.
This time, though, she informed me that I had yet to get root beer for her for the trip and could she please have some. Since she asked politely, I decided to say yes and we headed to the drink refrigerators at the back of the Speedway.
And that was when the Road Trip God's smiled down upon me and said... "Jess, you've been a good little girl! Have a Vanilla Coke!" I danced for joy right then and there, probably embarrassing Lily. It had a new look to it, but it was the same old flavor that I have loved and missed. I took the bottle (dancing all the way) up to the counter and happily informed the clerk "They brought it back! The Road Trip Gods have smiled upon me! Whoo hoo!" The clerk just gave me a weird look and giggled.
Yes, it will be a most excellent weekend simply because Coke FINALLY brought back Vanilla Coke. Thank you Coke! I can't say it enough! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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