Friday, June 29, 2007

A Series of Small Posts

I woke up this morning at 5:40 A.M.  

I wasn't sleepy, I wasn't groggy, I was awake and I was hungry.   I'm actually amazed that I wasn't sleepy, especially considering I really didn't go to bed until after 1:00 in the morning.  But there I was, awake, listening to Casey snore and kinda bored.  Did I mention that I was hungry, too?  I couldn't believe how hungry I was!!

Either way, I figured I'd pass my breakfast time sans husband (he was still sleeping in between whacking the alarm clocks) and munchkin to catch up on blog posts.  So yeah, here are my series of small posts about happenings as of late. 

Oh, and for the record, I would just like to state there is something terribly wrong with my alarm clock.  It keeps going off like every 3 minutes.  Seriously.  It sucks.  Anyone know how to fix it?

Happy Birthday Lily!!

8 Years ago, right about now, I had the first contraction that, almost exactly 12 hours later, led to the birth of my daughter, Lily.  EIGHT YEARS!!! Sheesh, I feel old!  Last night, just before I went to bed, I snuck into Lily's room and sang a hushed "Happy Birthday" to her.  She's going to be a handful today...

Casey and the "Sympathy Snore"

My wonderful husband, for as long as I have been sleeping by his side, has never snored.  That is, he has never snored until recently.   I have dubbed this sudden, spontaneous, no congestion needed snoring the sympathy snore.  Why?  Because I have NOT been snoring.  

I have snored for a good portion of my adult life.  It's not something I like to admit, but it's true. Much like my dad, I snore like a 747 take off.  Dr. Ghandi says that it has something to do with my adenoids, take the damn things out, blah blah blah.  Me, not wanting to have surgery, just kinda shrug it off.  I could care less.  It used to be embarrassing, but being 3 years married and then living together prior to being married the comfort zone is there where I really could care less.   

Casey has teased me on occasion about my snoring, in an endearing manner, and again I ignore it until I read in one of those pregnancy books that snoring can actually get worse during pregnancy.  I instantly thought "Oh crap."  I figured everything else ranging from a horrific asthma flare-up in February to my current problem with my wisdom teeth has gotten worse, so why not the snoring?  This is one time, knock on wood, that I'm happy to be wrong.  My husband, however, is now snoring and I find it absolutely endearing and cute. 

The first night I noticed it, it was actually morning right around the time that we wake up.  The alarm hadn't gone off yet and for some strange reason I was awake.  There was a soft nasal-y zzzzzz sound coming from Casey's side of the bed.  I instantly thought that Lily had snuck into bed with us because Lily, much like me, snores on occasion.   I kind of sat up, adjusting myself and my body pillow (thinking that I'd give them some extra room), wondered why Lily went to Casey's side of the bed instead of mine and then I saw that she wasn't in bed with us.  The snoring was actually coming from Casey.   Oh, to have my camera on me in that moment!!  Big, comfy pillow top mattress: $500. Sateen and Egyptian Cotton blend sheets: $120.  Finding out your husband snores: PRICELESS!  I grinned and kind of watched him for a while until he rolled over and woke up, noticing me watching him.  He sleepily said "What?"  And I said "Nothing, you're cute."

I wonder how long the snoring is gonna keep up?

Music & Lyrics

From  "A washed up singer is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation. Though he's never written a decent lyric in his life, he sparks with an offbeat younger woman with a flair for words."

I just finished watching Music & Lyrics and I must say that I have a serious case of the warm and fuzzies.  I have always been a Hugh Grant fan.  I have always been a Drew Barrymore fan.  Even Hugh Grant playing a total bastard I enjoy.  There's just something about him.  Drew Barrymore I have enjoyed watching since ET.  Ms. Barrymore makes think there is hope for Hollywood's current pAArty girls, yet.   I do, however, have to admit when I saw this particular pairing I scratched my head and uttered "WTF?"  
Could it work?  Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore?  Oh yes, it can and it did. 
Grant plays Alex Fletcher, the admitedly washed up 80's popstar who is now making a living playing state fairs and amusement parks.  He gets a call from current teen sensation, Cora, (think a tame version of Britney Spears pre-Kevin Federline) who asks him to write a song for her.  He at first teams with a "professional" lyricist (Grant is more music than lyrics) and is working on the song when in comes Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), temporary plant waterer.  She may drown the plants, but from interesting lyrical ideas.  Lyricist man gets upset, walks out.  Grant convinces Barrymore to stay and help write and they embark on a 5 day adventure writing a hit song for Cora. 
Along the way they begin to see things in each other and attempt and eventually succeed in bringing out the best in each other.  Not without drama along the way, though.   Cora wants to change the song to a "sweaty and sticky" sound complete with bhagra beats, a sitar and beatboxing.  Fisher thinks it's an insult to the song and to the Indian culture and Fletcher is somewhat desperate to make a buck.   The team begins to fall apart but have no fear, warm and fuzzy wins out in the end!
I really enjoyed this movie.  It's been a while since I really enjoyed a romantic comedy.  I have to admit, though, there were moments when I thought it was a bit long or I thought it should have ended.  BUT I wouldn't trade the ending for the world.  And watching the "pop-up video" bit at the end was hilarious.  On top of a good, heartwarming movie, I also have to give a nod to the music team that put together the music for the movie.  The fictional 80's band "Pop" and the at the beginning of the movie captured 80's pop perfectly!  It was infectious and I'll probably have it stuck in my head for a couple of hours.  It made me want to go download some Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Flock of Seagulls or Human League.   It was all around fun. 
I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is in the mood for a good romantic comedy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Four Words I NEVER thought I'd say...

Today, I undertook the task of searching for new sandals. I currently have two pairs. A pair of big, clunky black sandals that I absolutely love that are literally falling apart at the seems and a pair of the ugliest, lime green pair of platform flip flops that my mom got me in Mexico at a flea market because she knew I would appreciate the tacky factor of the lime green platformness of them.

Needless to say, I wear the lime green ones when I really don't give a shit. The black ones are my "every day" sandals and I bought them last year for $15 at Meijers (it's like walmart in case you don't have meijers in your neck of the woods). I love my black ones. They're funky, they're cool and I've worn them to death. Seriously, they're falling apart at the seems...and ripping to boot. Unfortunately, that's the problem and due to the fact that they're falling apart, they're really not comfortable anymore. So, trying to come up with things to do with my dad, we headed out and I started my sandal hunt... And I had absolutely no luck what so ever.

In my head, I have an idea of what kind of sandals I'd like. I really want the pair of Nike Deshutz that I had in high school. My mom bought me these sandals at the beginning of sophomore year. They were $60. My cousins had a fit! "Why would you buy her a sixty dollar pair of sandals?!" They asked, shocked. Well, let me tell you, that pair of sandals lasted me until about my 21st birthday and the only reason I had to get rid of them was that one of the straps ripped and my feet outgrew them. I would still be wearing them if I still had them and they still fit. Yeah buddy!

I found a pair of similar in the Sears circular yesterday but unfortunately, my size was sold out when I got to the store. Not only that, but they weren't Nike, they were reebok. So, I'm still searching. I've been to 5 stores and I actually uttered four words that I never thought I'd utter: I hate shoe shopping.

What's wrong with me?! I LOVE shoe shopping! Casey is constantly reminding me that I have way too many pairs of shoes! What on earth is wrong with me?! I'm chalking it up to a pregnancy thing. Jack has been using my bladder as a trampoline and I think that has a lot to do with it. Not only that, but the temperature is near 90 and being pregnant during the summer is absolutely miserable.

So yeah. Anyone know where I can get a comfy pair of stylish sandals? Casey suggested birkenstocks, but I don't know if I want to go to that expense, although I'm sure they'll last forever...

Friday, June 22, 2007


We had P'Zone's for dinner this evening. Casey and I are reveling in the fact that two of our favorite items are back on the market. The first being my favorite, Vanilla Coke and the second being his favorite, the P'Zone. Yep, I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I cleaned out three of the kitchen cabinets today. And when I say cleaned, I mean deep cleaned. We're talking scrubbing out, Formula 409, multiple scourings then drying out and reorganizing them. It took me a good 4 hours to do 3 cabinets. Normally, I think I could have accomplished that task in half the time, but I'm discovering that the belly is starting to get in the way. I also had to take several breaks because my legs kept cramping up on me. Trying to crawl into a cabinet and clean it out when 6 months pregnant is quite difficult. I had to kind of giggle at myself, though. At least it got done. I plan to do the remainder on Monday. I was actually kind of proud of the fact that Casey walked in and made a comment about how strong the cleaner smell was. Thankfully, my sinuses have been exploding with the resurgence of the cotton wood pollen flying around, so my asthma hasn't kicked in as badly as it could. Knock on wood for that one.

Now, I'm going to kick back and I think I may try and get some sleep. Both Casey and Lily are already upstairs and asleep already but I've been suffering from a severe lack of sleep lately. I go to bed at a decent time, I just have trouble falling asleep and then things have gotten more and more uncomfortable. Last night was the worst so far. I would drift off to sleep but wake up because Jack would kick me so strongly that I would wake up. So, tonight I've decided to try a new tactic. Stay awake until I can't stay awake anymore and then off to bed with me. I'm starting to get very close to the whole being extremely sleepy area. I think it's time for a luke-warm bath (I'm freakin' hot!! Those wonderful hormones!) and then fresh pjs. Yeah. Now, if I can make it all night without having to get up to pee, it will be the best night sleep I've had in about a week.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Will it Sink or will it Float?

Today, Lily and I are sequestered to the indoors because she's not feeling that great. She's having one of those wonderful summer colds. That didn't stop us from playing a rousing game of "Will it sink or will it float?" in the kitchen sink.

It started when Lily came into the kitchen wanting root beer and then announcing to me "Mom, I want to do an experiment!" Wanting to inspire curiosity, I decided to go ahead with it, despite being in the middle of cleaning the kitchen. When I asked Lily what she wanted to experiment on (thinking it would lead to brownie-making), she took the cap from the root beer and said: "Will it sink or float?" I had to laugh.

We proceeded to fill up the various containers of water: a rubbermaid container, a glass, and the kitchen sink (you have to get multiple things to throw things in to get an accurate picture of whether or not they'll sink or float). First, we through the cap in the glass. Result: floats. Container: floats. Kitchen sink: floats.

Next item for experimentation: a fork. It sank in all three cases. After that, we tried an apple. It wouldn't fit in the glass, so we tried the rubbermaid container. We got a sink result. Then we put it in the sink. Before we did, I asked Lily if she thought it would sink or float. She answered that she thought it would sink. I asked why and she said because it sank in the rubbermaid. So, into the sink the apple went. Much to her surprise, it floated! Enter a conversation about displacement. Lily then decided to go get her rubber ducky from the bathroom. I asked her if it would sink or float and she told me that it would float because (and I quote: "Everyone knows ducks float, mom!" I had to giggle with that answer because I flashed back a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

We would have continued with the whole sink or float experiment, but we decided that it was time for lunch so we made some mac and cheese (partially sinks, partially floats.. explain that one to me batman). I hope our summer continues to be this amusing!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Recap

So, yesterday was my 29th birthday. I spent it exactly how I wanted to. I slept in late, lounged about, took a nap, woke up, unwrapped presents and then headed off to my mom's house for a cook out and a very yummy homemade strawberry birthday cake (yum, strawberries!). This week, however, looks like it's going to be pretty busy.

First, let's discuss birthday loot. Apparently, I haven't gotten everything yet (still have stuff coming in the mail from my dad and my sis-in-law), but I think I've totally cleaned up so far. I have recieved a check from my "aunt" in VA, a gift card for Bath & Body Works from Casey's parents (which I will be something very smelly and relaxing, I'm thinking something strawberry), a gift card from Kohl's from my mom, and from Casey and Lily I got Charmed Season 7 (one season to go and I've got the complete series), Pan's Labyrinth, and (my favorite so far) Dr. Who Series One! Yeah! Now, if I can manage to get everything done before I watch it... Casey recommended that tomorrow when I have my doctor's appointment I take the MacBook and watch it while I'm sitting around for a couple of hours taking my glucose test. Wee fun yeah!

So yeah, I'm off. I have a ton of stuff to do and I want to get it done before I have to go pick Lily up.

Sunday, June 10, 2007



I will now sit around and do nothing for the rest of the day. Except maybe play on the internet.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Almost 29...

In 2 days, I turn 29 years old. I was curious as far as which celebs are the same age as me and this is the list I discovered:

Aiken, Clay (30 November, American Idol)
Alves, Michelle (19 September, supermodel... there's hope for me yet)
Bryant, Kobe (23 August, basketball player, no hope for me there)
Burns, Brooke (16 March, actress)
Butterfield, Valeisha (I categorize her as a celebutante chartity chick)
Casta, Laetitia (11 May, supermodel)
Cicarelli, Daniella (6 November, Brazillian "muse of summer 2001")
Cox, Nikki (2 June, actress on show Las Vegas)
Diaz-Rahi, Yamila (Argentinian model)
Eve of Destruction (10 November, better known as Eve, rapper chick)
Federline, Kevin (21 March, annoying ex of Britney Spears)
Fett, Boba (Bounty Hunter extrodanaire)
Franco, James (19 April, Actor that played the son of the Green Goblin in Spidey movies)
Furtado, Nelly (2 December, singer)
Grace, Topher (12 July, played Eric Foreman on That 70's show)
Hartnett, Josh (21 July, actor was in Pearl Harbor and a bunch of other stuff)
Holmes, Katie (18 December, actress, married/brainwashed by Tom Cruise)
Kass, Carmen (14 September, model)
Kobayashi, Takeru (Japanese dude that holds the record for hotdogs eaten in like 2 minutes or something)
Kutcher, Ashton (7 February, Demi Moore's very young hubby and creator of Punk'd)
Legend, John (28 December, singer dude)
Rodriguez, Michelle (12 July, actress, most recently offed in Lost.)
Stiles, Jackie (21 December, female basketball player)
Studdard, Ruben (12 September, American Idol)
Tautou, Audrey (9 August, actress most recently featured in The DaVinci Code)
Usher (14 October, R&B singer)
Warren, Estella (23 December, model)
West, Shane (10 June, actor that can be seen on ER... I think he just got ran over or something on the show)

My thoughts? Oh thank god I'm better off and a hell of a lot less annoying than K-Fed (eeeewwww! K-Fed!!!). I also think it's cool that Boba Fett is on the list. How awesome is that? A few models on there, so that means there is hope for me looking good yet. Yeah.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Blog from the Couch

I write this blog from the couch and I have to say that this is freakin' awesome. This is the first time that I've actually played with Casey's MacBook and I'm totally loving it. I have never experienced anything quite so easy to use! And the best part is, no annoying crashes that the HP has from time to time. Uploading pics is incredibly easy as well.

I admit it, I'm a Mac Convert. All hail the all mighty MacBook. I want my own. My only qualm: they don't come in pink. If they did, it would totally match my Nano.

The thing that I like the most about the MacBook is the ICal. It has made my keeping a schedule so completely easy! Casey set it up for me (because the Mac is essentially his baby and I haven't touched it until today) and today I've been planning stuff and scheduling stuff and it's just completely awesome! Not to mention the most easy program I have ever used... EVER.

Blogging from the couch: my new hobby. Won't Casey be thrilled? LOL.

So yeah... This is awesome. Now, I'm going to try and play some World of Warcraft from the couch. That's just aweome.

I assure you that I am indeed alive.

So, it's been something like forever since I blogged. I admit it, I've been bad. It's the damn Brady-Dimera feud on Days that has been keeping me busy. I kid. Days isn't bad, but I have lots better to do around that time in the afternoon.

We did our whole trip to Kentucky, which was fun. Casey blogged about it on his blog. Sorry, no link yet. I forgot what the URL was. He put up the pics I took and I didn't realize they were actually that good. Woot to me. I forgot that I actually was a pretty good photographer.

In other news, Lily's school year is almost up. This is her last week. Monday, June 11, will be her last day. And then we start the most rigorous summer that I've seen yet. Between zoo camp, swimming lessons and signing her up for the summer reading program (among other things), my house elf clothing drive and being pregnant... Yep, busy busy busy.

Quick update on the pregnancy:

1) No middle name. The compromise that I suggested isn't going to work. We still don't have a middle name, although I'm leaning more and more toward Ryan (even though I still really like Tyler despite the fact that I was reminded by my dad that we used to live next door to what he refered to as a little piss ant with the same name). Casey agreed that Ryan would be our fall back name. The gang at Hollywood Video think that we should give him the middle name of "Danger" and are willing to pay me $20 each if I do it. My awesomely cool father in law offered to match whatever funds we made on the sale of "Danger" as long as we DID NOT. I'm starting to see money signs in my eyes... LOL. (Kidding Dennis!!)

2) Pregnancy and wisdom teeth do not mix. I tweaked something on the way home on Saturday night and my jaw has not been right since. The ob/gyn called in a prescription for Tylenol 3 (wonderful wonderful stuff) to get me through to when I can go to the dentist. I set up an appointment for Wednesday. I have a feeling they'll tell me the same thing they did last time: "We can't do any kind of surgery until after you have the kid." I just hope nothing is infected because that would totally suck. Both my mom and dad are giving me a huge "I told you so!" on this one and they have every right to. I should have had them pulled out when I had the chance when I was 18, but me being stubborn and a fraidy cat... Yeah. I will tuck my tail between my legs now and run off to cower until wednesday when I will bravely face the music and impending postpartum teeth removal. Honestly? I have never wanted to go to the dentist so badly in my life.

3) Body pillows are WONDERFUL!!!! I love them I love them I love them!!!

More later.