Friday, June 29, 2007

Casey and the "Sympathy Snore"

My wonderful husband, for as long as I have been sleeping by his side, has never snored.  That is, he has never snored until recently.   I have dubbed this sudden, spontaneous, no congestion needed snoring the sympathy snore.  Why?  Because I have NOT been snoring.  

I have snored for a good portion of my adult life.  It's not something I like to admit, but it's true. Much like my dad, I snore like a 747 take off.  Dr. Ghandi says that it has something to do with my adenoids, take the damn things out, blah blah blah.  Me, not wanting to have surgery, just kinda shrug it off.  I could care less.  It used to be embarrassing, but being 3 years married and then living together prior to being married the comfort zone is there where I really could care less.   

Casey has teased me on occasion about my snoring, in an endearing manner, and again I ignore it until I read in one of those pregnancy books that snoring can actually get worse during pregnancy.  I instantly thought "Oh crap."  I figured everything else ranging from a horrific asthma flare-up in February to my current problem with my wisdom teeth has gotten worse, so why not the snoring?  This is one time, knock on wood, that I'm happy to be wrong.  My husband, however, is now snoring and I find it absolutely endearing and cute. 

The first night I noticed it, it was actually morning right around the time that we wake up.  The alarm hadn't gone off yet and for some strange reason I was awake.  There was a soft nasal-y zzzzzz sound coming from Casey's side of the bed.  I instantly thought that Lily had snuck into bed with us because Lily, much like me, snores on occasion.   I kind of sat up, adjusting myself and my body pillow (thinking that I'd give them some extra room), wondered why Lily went to Casey's side of the bed instead of mine and then I saw that she wasn't in bed with us.  The snoring was actually coming from Casey.   Oh, to have my camera on me in that moment!!  Big, comfy pillow top mattress: $500. Sateen and Egyptian Cotton blend sheets: $120.  Finding out your husband snores: PRICELESS!  I grinned and kind of watched him for a while until he rolled over and woke up, noticing me watching him.  He sleepily said "What?"  And I said "Nothing, you're cute."

I wonder how long the snoring is gonna keep up?

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