Sunday, July 08, 2007

Eight Random Facts...

My awesomely cool sis-in-law, Carrie, has "tagged" me to write 8 random tidbits about myself.  Oddly enough, I was tagged by some friends on myspace to do the same thing.  I think I've got like 64 things I've got to write now.  BUT, I think what I'm going to do is just do Carrie's meme.  Maybe I'll tag some people, maybe I won't.  I have no idea yet.  If you get a random email from me saying "Tag" then yeah.  You're tagged.  In the meantime, though... Here ya go, 8 Random things about me:

1) I love to clean the bathroom.  I'm slightly obsessed with it, in fact.  It doesn't matter that my bathroom is relatively small and if there is any kind of mess in it, you can't walk in there, it's just I like a clean bathroom.  

2) I don't like it when people ask me what my favorite movie is.  I find it to be a very difficult question and a slightly annoying question as well.  There are so many good movies out there that I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just one.  

3) I love to cook... but only when I'm in the mood.  If I'm not in the mood, all bets are off. 

4) I don't like watermelon.  When I was little, my grandpa would grow them off of his front porch (he lived out in the boonies) and he and my parents would always try and get me to try it.  I would always say "I'm too little to eat watermelon."  Eventually, that excuse stopped working and I tried it.  I found it to be terribly overrated.

5) I seem to have the random ability to pull useless trivia facts out of my brain.  Unfortunately, the trivia tends to be along the realm of pop culture and nothing else.

6) When I was about 4 years old, I decided I wanted to pretend to be ghost and put a towel over my head (despite my parents constantly telling me "Don't walk around with a towel over your head!").  It lead to me running into my sandbox (which was more of a sand gazebo) and splitting open my chin.  I had to have several stiches and I have a scar on chin, just under my lip. 

7) I can watch absolutely crap movies if I'm totally bored and not have a problem with the fact they're complete crap. 

8) When I first met Casey (my hubby), sophomore year of high school and we started "going out", I wrote in my journal that I thought that the two of us were "in for the long haul."   Oddly enough, my future sis-in-law said something to the effect of that if she ever heard anything about her brother, that I would most definitely be involved.  I remember actually laughing so hard, I fell on the ground... I would say who would have predicted it, but apparently both Carrie and I did. 

So yeah, there are my eight random facts.  I have no idea who I'm tagging and stuff, so yeah.  I must now go and get my hubby some smokes and give him a driving lesson.  

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