Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gratuitous Pregnancy & Family Update

1) Pregnancy and Jack is going very well.  Other than tweaking my back yesterday, I have managed to get decent sleep, despite being highly uncomfortable.  I took a nap on Monday and I have a feeling that the naps will get more prevalent during these last two months.  

2) My new favorite accessory: a cup of crushed ice.  I will fill up a cup with ice and then just enough of some tasty beverage (I'm quite fond of ice tea, water and lemonade these days) to kind of melt the ice to smaller pieces of ice but not so small as they completely vanish.  Yeah.  I'm silly, I know.  I go through at least 10 glasses a day.  It's no wonder that I have to pee every couple of hours.   Other pregnancy cravings as of late:  Cookie Crisp cereal, baby carrots (they must be baby carrots, not carrots cut into tini-tiny pieces, BABY carrots) and strawberries.  

3) Lily started swimming lessons on Monday.  She's in a class wish older kids (she's the youngest and the oldest in her class is a 12 year old).  The first day she came home somewhat discouraged at the fact that she was the shortest one of the group.  The thing is, she's also the youngest of the group.  I had to explain to her that she IS going to grow, it's just going to take time and in a year or two she's going to be just as big as the other kids eventually.  

4) After much coercing, Lily jumped off the diving board at swimming lessons today. I am incredibly proud of her for it, too.  She has been making leaps and bounds (no pun intended) as far as doing things on her own and being brave is concerned.  She's also doing really well as far as staying on her schedule and doing her chores and getting her ready for second grade is concerned.  I'm really proud of her progress.

5) The heat is really getting to me lately.  I don't want to move much and I've been freezing Casey out of the house.  I can't wait for fall at this point.  And this winter won't be too bad because I'll be inside all the time with Jack.  

So yeah, that's my update.  Not much else going on. 

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