Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Last year my dad and step-mom went to Hawaii.  At least, I think it was last year.  Maybe it was two years ago...  ANYWHO, they went to Hawaii.  Like most parents when they take a trip without the kids, they brought back presents.   Lily got a neat little doll complete with grass skirt and coconut bra.  I got a muumuu

I tried it on the day my dad brought it to me and it was huge. This giant extra large hanging dress that served no other purpose than to make someone look ten times larger than they actually are.  Never mind the fact that it was probably one of the most comfortable and soft garments that I have ever donned, it was huge!   Long story short, I wore it one other time when I wasn't feeling well and just needed something to throw on.  Other than that, it stayed hung up in my closet gathering dust... until this past week. 

I was searching for something comfortable to wear that wouldn't stick to my skin (it's been incredibly hot lately, doubly so for a very pregnant me).  Insert me scowering closet for something comfy and finding the muumuu.  Hmmmm....  I pulled it out, put it on and I was happy and most comfortable. Whee fun happy Jess.

So, now during the evenings I've been taking a bath, throwing on the muumuu, chowing down on ice chips and tums, praying that Jackson gets out of my ribcage and thuroughly enjoying the fact that despite looking and feeling like a whale in blue and white hawaiian floral print.

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