Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Taking a cheese fry break...

This Friday is my big House Elf Clothing Drive, which means this week I'm running around double checking that any last minute details are taken care of.  I made up some flyers for the band and have been peppering the town with them this morning and afternoon. I also managed to find a really cool Harry Potter table cover for our table, I picked up the raffle tickets, and picked up a poster board so I can make a poster to hang on the front of our table.  I'm really really excited about the whole thing!  U93, one of the local radio stations, has been playing promos for us for a few weeks now and my partner in crime, Jed, sent out the final press release yesterday.   I know that the local newpaper is going to be there to do a story on the entire event and two of the local television stations have expressed an interest in doing a story, too.  Exciting!

It feels really good to be doing something good for the community, too.  The Center for the Homeless was really excited to get involved as well.  There is so much stuff they need!  I feel all warm and fuzzy being able to help out.   And I also feel good knowing that I'm setting a really good example for Lily.    

I would love to write more, but I've got a full schedule and my cheesy fries are done.  I'll keep everyone posted on the clothing drive and if anything, you'll see pics from the clothing drive and concert sometime this weekend. 

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