Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 80s Pop

Following Lovely Salome's lead, here's my Thursday Thirteen, 80's pop that I love.  Ballads, pop, cheese.  All the stuff from my childhood. Whoo hoo!

1) "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.  I still listen to and love this song.  I was a fan of it before I even saw the movie "Say Anything."  If I was ever feeling bad, I would grab the CD get in my Plymouth Horizon hatchback and drive.  

2) "Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper.  Good romantic tunes.  

3) "Call Me Al" by Paul Simon. All around fun song.  Chevy Chase in the video, slap bass solo.  You can't go wrong.

4) "I've got my mind set on you."  George Harrison.  I honestly didn't know this song was by George Harrison until a couple of years ago when I saw the video for the first time.  The video cracked me up.

5) "Take on Me" A-ha.  How can you have an 80's pop list without this song on it?  The memorable music and the inventive video.  I remember watching the video on MTV with my abuelita Pepa in Panama and her clapping thinking it was one of the neatest things she had ever seen.  Abuelita Pepa was a big fan of the MTV when it first came out... which brings me to my next tune selection.

6) "Money for Nothing" Dire Straights.   I think this was the first computer animated video. A classic featuring Sting chantings "I want my MTV."  "That's the way you do it,  play your guitar on the MTV."  Perfect song for moving furniture around. Woot.

7) "Walk like an Egyptian" The Bangles.  I danced to this with three friends during my  4th grade talent show.  We dressed up as Egyptians complete with snake headdresses.  We rocked.  I actually still remember a bit of the dance we did.  "Way-oh-way-oh-oh-way-yo-oh-waaaaaayy... Walk like an Egyptian."  

8) "It's Friday, I'm in Love."  The Cure.  While I was too young to do the whole "Goth" thing when this song came out, I could still appreciate fine tunes.  Love that song!  Although, I can't listen to it without thinking about the one South Park episode where Robert Smith is mothra. 

9) "Sweet Child of Mine."  Guns 'n Roses.  Yes, I admit it, I like Guns 'n Roses.  Although, I've been banned from playing it when Casey's around because it annoys the hell out of him.  Axle is da bomb!!

10) "Puttin' on the Ritz"  I don't know who does this song but it's fun. 

11) "Walkin' on Sunshine" Katrina and the Waves.  Cuz "It's time to feel good."

12) "One More Night" Phil Collins.  I love this song.  It's a good romantic ballad. 

13) "Girls just wanna have fun" Cyndi Lauper.  Another song that should be on any gal's list o 80's tunes.  That and I absolutely love Ms. Lauper's poofy skirts.  I remember my best friend's sister would wear this poofy, multicolored crinolin's under her skirt.  Oh, and did I mention that I went to a catholic school growing up?

There you have it... my list. 

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Keven said...

Friday, I'm in Love is '92.

Gonna have to replace that.