Friday, August 31, 2007

Football Season is Here!

Football season is upon us once again and the whole town is gearing up for Notre Dame's season opener.   I think it was Wednesday when the Good Year blimp made it's way into town and I can hear the band practicing during certain times of the day.  

I have to admit that I love the buzz that Charlie Weis has brought back to Fighting Irish Football, even if it does mean traffic picks up and you don't want to leave the house unless absolutely necessary.  Where we live there is absolutely no way to avoid traffic unless we travel through downtown South Bend, then make our way to Mishawaka.  This route takes three times the normal time.  Normally, we just turn onto Angela, which is two blocks away, and in 3 minutes we're driving past Notre Dame (which you DO NOT want to do on a game day) and in 10 minutes we're on Grape Road doing whatever shopping our hearts desire.  I think I'll head to the video store tonight and stock up on weekend entertainment.  The video store is also just past Notre Dame. 

I don't know if I'll be watching the game or not, though.  When we found out I was pregnant,  I predicted I'd give birth the day of the first Notre Dame home game.  I guess only time will tell... While I'm hoping for Jack to make his debut sooner rather than later, I also kinda want to watch the game.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh?

I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Okay, I have nothing against sleep, really I don't.  In fact, I enjoy sleeping.  These past few weeks I have enjoyed sleeping immensely especially since it has been very rare and interrupted at best.  The past two nights I have gotten some of the best sleep of my entire pregnancy (with the exception of the sleep that I got during the first trimester which was nap every possible chance I got, leading to roughly 14 hours of sleep or more per day).   Now, I'm sure by actually admitting this I have completely jinxed myself but sleep at this point in pregnancy is definitely noteworthy. 

We are definitely in the home stretch as far as Jack's impending birth is concerned.  The Braxton-Hicks (aka fake contractions) are in a major uptick and the only reason I know it's BH as opposed to real contractions is the simple fact that I'm uncomfortable, not in pain.  I do have to admit, though, yesterday I had a REAL contraction.   It was about 6:30 in the evening, I was getting ready to take something upstairs (don't worry, it was like hand sanitizer or something) and the closest thing I can describe it as is a swift, powerful kick to the crotch from the inside out.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.   Casey, noticing that I had instantly stopped moving and was grabbing the edge of the Jack's swing,  asked me what was up and about twenty seconds later I responded: "Well, that was interesting."  I then explained that I thought I had a contraction and he said "Yep, definitely interesting."  And we both looked at the clock.   

Roughly 7 minutes later I felt another contraction, but not nearly as strong and then after that, nothing until around midnight-thirty, so we just dismissed them.  Although, we were talking about what exactly needed to go down if I went into labor during the night.  I even printed out a sheet of paper entailing everything that needed to get done and everyone that needed to get called.   I've really liked making lists and printing them out lately.  It's my pregnant brain's way of coping in what I consider to be chaos.  You should see my chore list of stuff I want to get done before I head off to the hospital! It's impressive!

SO yeah, back to the sleep bit though.  The fact that I've gotten two nights of restful sleep I find a bit... unsettling?  I've been too rested!  Pregnant women as far along as I am shouldn't feel rested!  They should be cranky and tired!  And while I am tired, I'm far from cranky.  In fact, I'm in rather good spirits and crack jokes about how if this kid doesn't come out soon I'm going to take legal action against him.   My back hurts, sure.  But what 38 weeks pregnant lady doesn't have a back ache?  

I'm in too good a mood!  And I have a Mandy Moore song stuck in my head!  There has to be something wrong!!!  ACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! PREGNANCY PARANOIA!!!!  MUST RUN AWAY!!!!  In the meantime, here's the song I have stuck in my head:


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Insert Wolf Howling Noise Here.

Yesterday was a lunar eclipse, today the moon is 99% full (according to the Old Farmer's Almanac).   Crazy things happen during the full moon, including women going into labor.  

Casey thinks it's wishful thinking on my part and he's probably right, but a girl can still dream.  And howl at the moon if the mood so strikes....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Phat Loot!

Yesterday was Jack's baby shower.  He got lots of loot. There were bottles, clothes, diaper bags galore, basically lots of really cool stuff that was all necessary.  I had a lot of fun just relaxing and visiting with family and friends. 
This was in stark contrast to my mood this morning when I woke up.  I got up when the phone rang and it ended up being Shay.  I really didn't want to talk to anyone at the time and was yelling "I don't wanna talk to her now! I'll call her later!"    Casey was instantly taking two steps back.  

On top of that, when I got up, the dogs had torn into a bag of trash and it was laying in the nice, clean, newly reorganized laundry room.  Not a happy Jess.  Instantly there is me cursing at the world not liking my life very much.   So, I took a bath.  Bath didn't help but Casey did clean up the mess the dogs made.  

After that bath, I went about prepping to go to the baby shower, dealing with a few last minute details and I wanted to clean up the kitchen as well.   So, I did all that and at 11:30, about half an our before I had to leave, I told Casey to get ready... and that's when I really got pissed.  Casey told me that he wasn't going to go.  Now, for the past several months I was telling Casey that he didn't have to go if he didn't want to, but the whole time he was telling "No, I want to go. Free stuff for Jack! We get to open presents!"  He seemed to be looking forward to it!  And then last minute he's like not going?! WTF?!  I was already irritated, so I told him "Fine Casey, don't go.  I don't want to argue about it."  Casey asked me if I was going to bite his head of later and I sarcastically told him no.  I also told him that he needed to walk away and let me finish cleaning the kitchen in peace.  Shortly after, I headed off to the shower, still in a foul mood. 
I got to the park and vented to Mickie, which made me feel a lot better.  Shay showed up, then the family showed up and I calmed down and relaxed and gave in to the festivities of the day.  

I have to admit that I had a blast seeing everyone and visiting and just hanging out and chatting.  The kids got to play outside in front of Baugo Station and everyone was just in a very relaxed and good mood.  It rocked. 

When I got home, however, I was amazed.  My husband, whom I admit that I was more than a little pissed at (in fact, I wanted to rip him limb from limb when I left the house yesterday), had completely surprised me by finishing cleaning out the attic and washing a good bulk of the stored clothes he found in the attic, put away the bulk of the baby stuff we don't need yet, and put a lot of stuff in the basement that needed to go into the basement.  My husband was way more productive than I thought he would be.  I was so surprised and so thrilled that I actually started tearing up!   Talk about feeling guilty!!   My hubby gets lots and lots of brownie points! 

Today, there's a list of stuff that I'd like to get done but I find myself with a severe case of the dropsies and very much wanting to crash for a couple of hours.  It's your standard lazy Sunday.  I don't see myself accomplishing much today and Casey said that was perfectly okay, so I'm going to actually listen to him... for once.  ;-)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to change the sheets on the bed and curl up in 'em.  Naptime! Whoo hoo! 

Friday, August 24, 2007

Noriega Update

So, a federal judge in Miami said that former Panamanian Dictator Manuel Noriega CAN be extradited to France.  France wants him to serve a 10 year sentence for money laundering.  Panama still wants him to serve time for the deaths of political opponents.  

I still think that if he goes back to Panama he's going to be assassinated.  I'm not going to comment what I think about that.   He goes to France and well, he'll probably die in France.  He's old...  

He deserves whatever he gets.

I Think I Need a Bigger Bed

Sleep (as if I haven't complained about the lack of it enough already) is quickly becoming one of those elusive things.  Casey and I haven't exactly been seeing eye to eye on the subject.  As in, he gets sleep and I rarely do.  It's quite annoying. 

For the past two nights I've been suffering from insomnia again.  It's mostly the whole being entirely too uncomfortable to sleep.  And then, when I finally DO fall asleep, I wake up having to pee.  The past couple of nights, though, we have been having really bad storms that have scared Lily.  So, not only do I get to contend with being 37 weeks pregnant, insomnia, a microscopic sized bladder that makes me run to the bathroom every hour (if not less), not being able to find a comfy spot in bed, but now Lily has been running in at night too.  Thankfully, she's old enough that when the storm ends, I can send her back to her room.  Unfortunately, the couple of hours she is in bed with us are very... not fun for me. 

And then, Casey has FOUR alarms set to go off between 4:30AM and 5:30AM.   Insert a very unhappy Jess.   I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that he tells me "Oh yeah, you need to absolutely kick me out of bed at 4:30 because I need to do X..."  The alarms start going off (I have to be up at 6:15, by the way.) and they wake me up after I have only been asleep for a very short amount of time.  Insert me being a mega-bitch here.  I kick him, he ignores the alarm.  I kick him again, he ignores the alarm some more.  I finally tell him "Casey, Alarm!  You need to get up."  He tells me "chill."  

Yeah, insert me getting pissed off here.  Why tell me that you need to be kicked out of bed at such and such a time if you're going to completely ignore me when I wake you up?

I don't think I'd be so mean or upset about it if I was actually getting a good amount of sleep.  But even if I take a Tylenol PM as suggested by my OB, my sleep is still interrupted by having to pee, which means I still am getting up several times a night. 

The only time that I'm currently getting good sleep is after Casey has gone to work and after I drop Lily off at school and then I feel completely guilty about sleeping during the day, which I totally shouldn't feel guilty about but I do.  Not only that, but I wake up and I feel like a complete zombie for the rest of the day.  It sucks. 

Casey, I guess, will learn really quickly to get up with just one alarm.  Jack will ensure this one.  I just wish he'd learn sooner rather than later because living with a baby will definitely ensure that.  I guess I'm really tired of being the bad guy and I feel like I can't win either way.  I can't win if I get him up and I can't win if I sleep through his alarms (which I did several times throughout the summer and got the comment "You really suck at kicking me out of bed." for.).

I think I need a bigger bed.  Maybe then, we'd both get good sleep and we'd be able to fit everyone in the bed comfortably. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a case of the dropsies and want very much want to get some uninterrupted sleep. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School Update

Lily's first day of second grade went really well.   She actually came home with homework!  It was a simple work sheet about following directions (draw a sun in the sky, blah blah blah), but it was homework nonetheless.  Not only that but it was a half day!  If this is any indication of what the school year will bring then I believe with Jack's impending arrival I will probably have my hands full.  I'm not worried, I have an excellent support system in place.

It's funny, when I was talking to Lily's teacher this morning and then also talking to the school secretary and I told them about impending Jack (less than 20 days!! give or take a couple weeks depending if he wants to cooperate with the due date) they were all like "You're so little!"  I've been thinking that I feel like a whale or cow or some sort of equally large animal.   

Now, I may be like "I want Jack out NOW!" but I tend to exaggerate.  Honestly? Lily was NOT this active.  I think I wouldn't mind being pregnant as much if Jack wasn't so active.  He's just so... wiggly!!  Kicking and punching and I'm thinking he pushes out with all of his limbs just to make me uncomfortable.   I'm excited to meet Jack, but I'm even more excited to get my body back and being able to get some sleep without being uncomfortable even though I know for a while I probably won't get a lot of sleep... that whole newborn thing having to feed Jack every four hours or so. 

Well, I'm off. I'm going to attempt to get some sleep.  I've been trying for a couple of hours but haven't succeeded yet. 

Our baby shower is on Saturday so probably won't post again until then.  We'll see. 

Back to School!

Today Lily goes back to school! I have to admit that while I will undoubtedly miss her like crazy, I'm looking forward to a few peaceful hours even if today she gets out at 11:30. While my body is thinking "haha! Naptime!" My brain is thinking "No, you can do this and this and this..." For the first time in a while I actually woke up with Casey's alarms.

That basically means I gave him three snoozes and I kicked him out of the bed as nicely as I could (I told him that I didn't want to hear any more alarms until mine went off, which was supposed to happen in about 10 minutes at 6:15, but as you can see my alarm was not necessary this morning because I am awake.).

The busy-ness actually started yesterday evening. We went to tour the hospital where Jack will be making his debut. The birthing suite, in my opinion, is just as nice as any hotel I've ever stayed at. My only issue was that the bed seemed a bit small to me. Unlike when I had Lily, you don't stay in the same room you give birth in. You have the kid in one room, they let you bond for "as long as you'd like" (their exact words) and then they move you into a regular hospital room, aka postpartum room.

While we were there, one of the nurses wheeled out a newborn to the nursery to do all of those wonderful tests. The thing was a wrinkled little prune (Lily made the comment "Mom, that baby has prune face!") but all of the women in our tour groups did the whole "AWWW!!! BABY!!!" thing and you could instantly see them rub their collective tummies. Myself included. It was quite amusing.

Casey was checking out the electronic situation while we were there. There is wifi access, so we will be taking the Mac Book with us to do not only some blogging, but emailing of not only pictures but more than likely labor tales and letting everyone know when Jack makes his grand entrance. Casey and I are going to make a couple of CDs today to take to the hospital in addition to the IPod just in case I don't feel like dealing with ear buds. There are a couple more things that I thought of to pack, so I'll be doing that today. I just keep thinking of the last time I took a hospital tour... I went into labor the next day.

After the tour, Lily and I dropped Casey off at home and went out. I wanted to procure the all important baby blanket for Jack and both Casey and I came up with the idea to let Lily pick it out. We're trying to keep her included as much as possible. She likes to be helpful and since she will not be allowed in the labor and delivery area (no kids under the age of 12 are, which is fine by me because I know she'll be more worried than anything about me) until after Jack is born, we figured she needed a really important job. And what could be more important (or special) than the baby blanket. This is the blanket that Jack will have for the rest of his life. It's the blanket he'll come home from the hospital in. It's THE blanket. Lily picked out a blanket that looks very much like a teddy bear and is made of a soft, fuzzy fleece and a satin edge. It's a really great blanket.

Afterwards, we went to Garfield's, ate and drew on the table and came home. Before bed, Lily told me that she wanted to wrap the blanket for Jack but she wanted to wrap it with Daddy. Apparently, that's something that she and Casey do together: wrap presents. It was off to dreamland (although, not very quickly) and I was downstairs making sure that I had all of her school supplies labled and ready to go for today.

In about an hour Lily will be off to school and I will be home, doing some general chores and then it's off to the hospital with me. John, my mom's boyfriend, is having surgery today for two aneurisms they found. Luckily, they're not too bad and they are just putting in a couple of stints. Mom is worried, though, so I'm going to go and be there for her until I have to pick Lily up. Then, it's home again to get Lily changed, then we go get the car seat installed, pick up a few last minute things I need for the hospital and back to the hospital to visit John.

The rest of the week I'm helping Mickie (who has been sick) and Shay do final preperation for the baby shower, finishing up a workbook with Lily for school and trying very hard to relax and not do a whole lot. We're down to the last couple of weeks before my due date and my OB told me yesterday that I need to take more breaks and put my feet up more because my ankles were quite swollen... and this was at 8:30 in the morning after I'd only been awake for a couple of hours.

I have to go get Lily up and ready for school. We have to leave a bit earlier than normal because a) I want to talk with her teacher and b) the road that we normally take is closed until November 22nd (yeah, right... I expect it to be closed for most of the year) due to them putting in round abouts. It will definitely be an interesting day. I'll let you know if I go into labor!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Productively Messy

Tis Saturday, normally the day of sluggish-ness and imitating a vegitable. I, however, have a bug up my ass and it's telling me "Hey Jess, you want to make empanadas." I should tell you, however, I've been putting off making empanadas for about a week. In fact, I made the meat that goes on the inside of the empanadas last Sunday during one of my crazy nesting moments. The meat then sat in a tupperware container until today.

I've looked at the meat several times throughout this week, but I just haven't really felt like doing much of anything about it until today. I figured, okay hubby going over to parental units, I will clean kitchen, sweep up chihuahuas off floor, make empanadas and head over to their neck of the woods. Whee fun yea! (The empanadas are starting to smell REALLY good.) The thing is, they're really easy to make, it's just time consuming. Not to mention messy. You have to make the dough, the meat, and of course there's all the flour you throw around during the whole dough process.
Before I started the dough this afternoon, I cleaned the kitchen and then proceeded to mess it all up again with cookie sheets, grease and a lot of flour. After I was done with the physical process of making them, I cleaned the kitchen again. I always like to clean as I go because otherwise, I get a giant mess that makes me feel overwhelmed and then, being all pregnant feeling overwhelmed makes me want to cry buckets of tears which leads to my husband thinking I'm absolutely nuts .
I must go. The empanadas have about five minutes and I have the overwhelming urge to listen to Morris Day and the Time: "Jungle Love." Woot.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Am I done yet?

Between 36 and 42 weeks of pregnancy, you are considered full term.  They say full term because if I were to give birth today (oh, how I wish) our little Jack would be able to hold his own without medical intervention.  Also, they say most women give birth between 36 and 42 weeks of pregnancy.  Personally, right now I'm hoping for sooner rather than later. 

Yesterday and today I have felt like an absolute slug.  I am a lump of flesh who's three favorite places in the house are currently (and in order favorite) 1) my bedroom, 2) the bathroom and 3) the couch.   My back is killing me and it feels like I'm carrying a beach ball in my lower torso.  Somehow, though, I think a beach ball would be a lot easier to carry.  Maybe I should say something more like an oversized basketball?  A 7-8 pound medicine ball?  That sounds about right.  Yep, I have an overwhelming feeling of ickiness all over.  I think I'm over this whole pregnancy thing.  

I made half a dozen custom onesies yesterday.  Lots of cuteness that I will take pictures of.  I think Jack will be the only baby with a Tom Wait's onesie, though.  Actually, he'll have two.  I made two seperate Tom Waits onesies.  I'll try and post some pics later today or tomorrow. 

For now, though, time for me to lay down and see if I can't get my back to stop hurting for a little while. 

Happy Birthday to CD's!

According to the news, 25 years ago today was the day that the compact disc first rolled off the assembly line.  WNDU said that the first disc ever produced was actually a recording of Richard Strauss' Alpine Symphony.  

The first CD I ever owned was actually Sting's "Nothing Like the Sun."  I still have it.  In fact, I think I transfered it to my hard drive a couple of weeks ago.  

I think it's amazing that in 25 years we've gone from CDs to MP3s.  Technology is freakin' cool. 

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Lots of sleep!!! YEAH!!!

Really quick post because I have some other stuff to do this afternoon and I want to get started (because I've been a lazy bum this morning).  

I SLEPT FROM 11:30PM TO 11:30AM ONLY WAKING UP ONE TIME TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!! IT'S A FREAKIN' MIRACLE!!!  Now, if only I could sleep that good (maybe not that long, but that good... it was a very restful sleep) all the time...

More later when I've done what I wanna do. 

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dream of a Pregnant Insomniac

The past few nights I've been going bed really late.  By late I mean after midnight and even then I don't feel really tired, I feel more bored than anything.  When I finally get to sleep, which generally happens fairly quickly, I end up waking up within a couple of hours having to make a bathroom run.   The few nights that I have been able to sleep through the night, I actually wake up and brag about it.  I've discovered, though, that the best time for sleep for me is between 5:30AM (which is when Casey's alarm goes off) and 9AM.  It is generally the most restful time for me.   

Yesterday's events inspired a very strange dream for me, though.  Yesterday I finished up school supply shopping for Lily and purchased a few new shirts for Lily's uniform.  In my dream, Lily and I were shopping at Kohl's, just as we did yesterday, only this time I went into labor, right there in front of the school backpacks.  The labor and delivery seemed to go rather rapidly since they couldn't move me from the store for some reason.  After delivery, the manager came up to me as they were putting me into an ambulence to take me to the hospital.  He told me congratulations and told me that baby Jack would be supplied with clothes for life just because I had given birth in the store.    I told Casey about the dream this morning and he laughed and said that we should take a trip to Chicago and try going into labor in the Apple Store.   My sleep reaction: yes, I want to go into labor 100 miles from home. 

In other news, I am growing increasingly anxious about giving birth.  I watched half a dozen videos last night before I crashed and as I watched I felt myself getting more and more nervous.   Casey told me last night that I'm doing really well as far as how I'm handling everything.  He says I don't seem nervous at all.  I think he jinxed me. Ever since he said that, I've been growing increasingly nervous and thinking "I'm not ready for this!"  I know I can do it, I've been through this whole child birth thing before.  It's not the easiest thing but it certainly is one of the more natural things as far as life is concerned.  Not only that, but it's not like I'm giving birth at home with no one but Casey around.  I'm giving birth in a hospital with lots of doctors (unless something like 28 Days Later occurs). I'm going to have an amazing husband holding my hand!  And yet, I'm starting to panic... the words oh crap oh crap oh crap keep going through my head.  The tough Jess bit of me is saying "Suck it up, wussy! You're tough!"  I think I'll adopt that as my mantra until Jack comes. 

I think I'm going to go take a nap now.  I find myself having a case of the dropsies at the moment.  A nap is definitely in order. 

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Because I can't think of a title...

... I think I'll just call this a weekly update.

It is now 11:09 PM Saturday evening and we're all winding down here at Casa Stone. It's been a far cry from the weekend we were hoping for. The weekend we were hoping for would actually be me, Casey and Lily all vegging out doing a whole lot of nothing. Instead, Casey poured a concrete pad for a shed my mom bought, and Lily and I went to Shipshewana with my dad, who drove up yesterday. I think the dogs were the only ones that had a completely uneventful weekend at home.

No, wait, Jayne got some cheese fries and Ronin had some marshmallows. Yep, the dogs had an exciting weekend too. (Note: on both counts, it would be me leaving those items out for the taking. I should've learned by now... lol)

Casey got the sucky end of the stick, though. He had to stay behind and deal with my mom and John while I got to go off galavanting through the Amish countryside in search of old tractors. You may be like "Old tractors?!" But honestly, I grew up in Kentucky and about every year since the age of 9 or 10 we'd travel up to the Gibson County (in Southern Indiana) fair for their antique tractor show. Dad grew up in Southern Indiana (Francisco, IN, to be exact) and one of his oldest friends still has a far there. My dad's friend, Henry, has an obsession with old John Deere tractors and my dad, for a while there, had an obsession with Massey Harris tractors. He restored two of them and one of them did rather well in the antique tractor pull competition at the Gibson County Fair, I tell you what!

While Henry has stayed tried and true to his John Deere's, (which I have to admit he keeps them in pristine working order and has even gotten his son involved in restoring them to as close to original as he can), Dad's obsession has now shifted to Farmall tractors. He recently purchased a Farmall "C." If I remember correctly he said it was made in 1948. We saw all of three Farmall's today, one of which was in horrible shape, all rusted out and had the word "Quality!" written across the front in chalk despite it's appearance. The other two were beautifully restored and about ten years older than the one my dad bought. Shipshewana, however, seems to be John Deere country. I tried to talk Dad into taking Henry something, but was unsuccessful. Me being completely biased, though, totally thinks that the Massey Harris (not to be confused with Massey Ferguson tractors) is by far a hundred times better looking than either John Deere or Farmall tractors. I remember my dad's Massey Harris... It was this huge, bright red tractor with yellow wheels and it just gleamed in the summer sun! Even when the tires got caked with mud from the tractor pull it was still prettier than a lot of the other contenders out there... I digress, though, because I realize that a lot of people will find me ranting on about childhood memories of tractors (of all things to rant on about) quite dull.

In any case, we did not leave Amish Country empty handed. I grabbed three bags of cookies from a local bakery (best cookies EVER next to Macri's Italian Bakery in downtown South Bend) and then on the way back out of town I made Dad stop at Yoder's Meat and Cheese Mart so I could hunt down some 4 year old cheese and cheddar cheese spread for Casey. I didn't find the cheese spread (they only had a small dinky container that I wasn't about to spend money on when I could find the equivalent for half the price back in South Bend). I walked away with 4 year old cheddar cheese and a sack of smoked string cheese.

While Yoder's certainly was larger, I found myself comparing it to the Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha that we went to a few short weeks ago. While I did like Yoder's swiss cheese better, Mars Cheese Castle had much more of a selection. And I really must order some more of that cheese spread from Kenosha... it was tasty.

After our sojurn into Amish Country was over, we decided to head to Alley Oop's (a 50's themed restaurant) for lunch. We got lost on the way, which was amusing. We finally found it and I ended up eatting cheesey fries with a giant double cheese burger. Yum yum yum. And my husband tells me that I don't eat enough.

Tomorrow morning we do the whole breakfast thing with dad and then he's heading back to KY. It was an entertaining weekend to say the least. I find myself totally falling over now, so I'm going to give into that. Sleep was not good last night... ugh... need good sleep now.

So, good night to all. More later.