Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to School!

Today Lily goes back to school! I have to admit that while I will undoubtedly miss her like crazy, I'm looking forward to a few peaceful hours even if today she gets out at 11:30. While my body is thinking "haha! Naptime!" My brain is thinking "No, you can do this and this and this..." For the first time in a while I actually woke up with Casey's alarms.

That basically means I gave him three snoozes and I kicked him out of the bed as nicely as I could (I told him that I didn't want to hear any more alarms until mine went off, which was supposed to happen in about 10 minutes at 6:15, but as you can see my alarm was not necessary this morning because I am awake.).

The busy-ness actually started yesterday evening. We went to tour the hospital where Jack will be making his debut. The birthing suite, in my opinion, is just as nice as any hotel I've ever stayed at. My only issue was that the bed seemed a bit small to me. Unlike when I had Lily, you don't stay in the same room you give birth in. You have the kid in one room, they let you bond for "as long as you'd like" (their exact words) and then they move you into a regular hospital room, aka postpartum room.

While we were there, one of the nurses wheeled out a newborn to the nursery to do all of those wonderful tests. The thing was a wrinkled little prune (Lily made the comment "Mom, that baby has prune face!") but all of the women in our tour groups did the whole "AWWW!!! BABY!!!" thing and you could instantly see them rub their collective tummies. Myself included. It was quite amusing.

Casey was checking out the electronic situation while we were there. There is wifi access, so we will be taking the Mac Book with us to do not only some blogging, but emailing of not only pictures but more than likely labor tales and letting everyone know when Jack makes his grand entrance. Casey and I are going to make a couple of CDs today to take to the hospital in addition to the IPod just in case I don't feel like dealing with ear buds. There are a couple more things that I thought of to pack, so I'll be doing that today. I just keep thinking of the last time I took a hospital tour... I went into labor the next day.

After the tour, Lily and I dropped Casey off at home and went out. I wanted to procure the all important baby blanket for Jack and both Casey and I came up with the idea to let Lily pick it out. We're trying to keep her included as much as possible. She likes to be helpful and since she will not be allowed in the labor and delivery area (no kids under the age of 12 are, which is fine by me because I know she'll be more worried than anything about me) until after Jack is born, we figured she needed a really important job. And what could be more important (or special) than the baby blanket. This is the blanket that Jack will have for the rest of his life. It's the blanket he'll come home from the hospital in. It's THE blanket. Lily picked out a blanket that looks very much like a teddy bear and is made of a soft, fuzzy fleece and a satin edge. It's a really great blanket.

Afterwards, we went to Garfield's, ate and drew on the table and came home. Before bed, Lily told me that she wanted to wrap the blanket for Jack but she wanted to wrap it with Daddy. Apparently, that's something that she and Casey do together: wrap presents. It was off to dreamland (although, not very quickly) and I was downstairs making sure that I had all of her school supplies labled and ready to go for today.

In about an hour Lily will be off to school and I will be home, doing some general chores and then it's off to the hospital with me. John, my mom's boyfriend, is having surgery today for two aneurisms they found. Luckily, they're not too bad and they are just putting in a couple of stints. Mom is worried, though, so I'm going to go and be there for her until I have to pick Lily up. Then, it's home again to get Lily changed, then we go get the car seat installed, pick up a few last minute things I need for the hospital and back to the hospital to visit John.

The rest of the week I'm helping Mickie (who has been sick) and Shay do final preperation for the baby shower, finishing up a workbook with Lily for school and trying very hard to relax and not do a whole lot. We're down to the last couple of weeks before my due date and my OB told me yesterday that I need to take more breaks and put my feet up more because my ankles were quite swollen... and this was at 8:30 in the morning after I'd only been awake for a couple of hours.

I have to go get Lily up and ready for school. We have to leave a bit earlier than normal because a) I want to talk with her teacher and b) the road that we normally take is closed until November 22nd (yeah, right... I expect it to be closed for most of the year) due to them putting in round abouts. It will definitely be an interesting day. I'll let you know if I go into labor!

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