Friday, August 24, 2007

I Think I Need a Bigger Bed

Sleep (as if I haven't complained about the lack of it enough already) is quickly becoming one of those elusive things.  Casey and I haven't exactly been seeing eye to eye on the subject.  As in, he gets sleep and I rarely do.  It's quite annoying. 

For the past two nights I've been suffering from insomnia again.  It's mostly the whole being entirely too uncomfortable to sleep.  And then, when I finally DO fall asleep, I wake up having to pee.  The past couple of nights, though, we have been having really bad storms that have scared Lily.  So, not only do I get to contend with being 37 weeks pregnant, insomnia, a microscopic sized bladder that makes me run to the bathroom every hour (if not less), not being able to find a comfy spot in bed, but now Lily has been running in at night too.  Thankfully, she's old enough that when the storm ends, I can send her back to her room.  Unfortunately, the couple of hours she is in bed with us are very... not fun for me. 

And then, Casey has FOUR alarms set to go off between 4:30AM and 5:30AM.   Insert a very unhappy Jess.   I think the thing that annoys me the most is the fact that he tells me "Oh yeah, you need to absolutely kick me out of bed at 4:30 because I need to do X..."  The alarms start going off (I have to be up at 6:15, by the way.) and they wake me up after I have only been asleep for a very short amount of time.  Insert me being a mega-bitch here.  I kick him, he ignores the alarm.  I kick him again, he ignores the alarm some more.  I finally tell him "Casey, Alarm!  You need to get up."  He tells me "chill."  

Yeah, insert me getting pissed off here.  Why tell me that you need to be kicked out of bed at such and such a time if you're going to completely ignore me when I wake you up?

I don't think I'd be so mean or upset about it if I was actually getting a good amount of sleep.  But even if I take a Tylenol PM as suggested by my OB, my sleep is still interrupted by having to pee, which means I still am getting up several times a night. 

The only time that I'm currently getting good sleep is after Casey has gone to work and after I drop Lily off at school and then I feel completely guilty about sleeping during the day, which I totally shouldn't feel guilty about but I do.  Not only that, but I wake up and I feel like a complete zombie for the rest of the day.  It sucks. 

Casey, I guess, will learn really quickly to get up with just one alarm.  Jack will ensure this one.  I just wish he'd learn sooner rather than later because living with a baby will definitely ensure that.  I guess I'm really tired of being the bad guy and I feel like I can't win either way.  I can't win if I get him up and I can't win if I sleep through his alarms (which I did several times throughout the summer and got the comment "You really suck at kicking me out of bed." for.).

I think I need a bigger bed.  Maybe then, we'd both get good sleep and we'd be able to fit everyone in the bed comfortably. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a case of the dropsies and want very much want to get some uninterrupted sleep. 

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