Saturday, August 18, 2007

Productively Messy

Tis Saturday, normally the day of sluggish-ness and imitating a vegitable. I, however, have a bug up my ass and it's telling me "Hey Jess, you want to make empanadas." I should tell you, however, I've been putting off making empanadas for about a week. In fact, I made the meat that goes on the inside of the empanadas last Sunday during one of my crazy nesting moments. The meat then sat in a tupperware container until today.

I've looked at the meat several times throughout this week, but I just haven't really felt like doing much of anything about it until today. I figured, okay hubby going over to parental units, I will clean kitchen, sweep up chihuahuas off floor, make empanadas and head over to their neck of the woods. Whee fun yea! (The empanadas are starting to smell REALLY good.) The thing is, they're really easy to make, it's just time consuming. Not to mention messy. You have to make the dough, the meat, and of course there's all the flour you throw around during the whole dough process.
Before I started the dough this afternoon, I cleaned the kitchen and then proceeded to mess it all up again with cookie sheets, grease and a lot of flour. After I was done with the physical process of making them, I cleaned the kitchen again. I always like to clean as I go because otherwise, I get a giant mess that makes me feel overwhelmed and then, being all pregnant feeling overwhelmed makes me want to cry buckets of tears which leads to my husband thinking I'm absolutely nuts .
I must go. The empanadas have about five minutes and I have the overwhelming urge to listen to Morris Day and the Time: "Jungle Love." Woot.

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