Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Okay, I have nothing against sleep, really I don't.  In fact, I enjoy sleeping.  These past few weeks I have enjoyed sleeping immensely especially since it has been very rare and interrupted at best.  The past two nights I have gotten some of the best sleep of my entire pregnancy (with the exception of the sleep that I got during the first trimester which was nap every possible chance I got, leading to roughly 14 hours of sleep or more per day).   Now, I'm sure by actually admitting this I have completely jinxed myself but sleep at this point in pregnancy is definitely noteworthy. 

We are definitely in the home stretch as far as Jack's impending birth is concerned.  The Braxton-Hicks (aka fake contractions) are in a major uptick and the only reason I know it's BH as opposed to real contractions is the simple fact that I'm uncomfortable, not in pain.  I do have to admit, though, yesterday I had a REAL contraction.   It was about 6:30 in the evening, I was getting ready to take something upstairs (don't worry, it was like hand sanitizer or something) and the closest thing I can describe it as is a swift, powerful kick to the crotch from the inside out.  It stopped me dead in my tracks.   Casey, noticing that I had instantly stopped moving and was grabbing the edge of the Jack's swing,  asked me what was up and about twenty seconds later I responded: "Well, that was interesting."  I then explained that I thought I had a contraction and he said "Yep, definitely interesting."  And we both looked at the clock.   

Roughly 7 minutes later I felt another contraction, but not nearly as strong and then after that, nothing until around midnight-thirty, so we just dismissed them.  Although, we were talking about what exactly needed to go down if I went into labor during the night.  I even printed out a sheet of paper entailing everything that needed to get done and everyone that needed to get called.   I've really liked making lists and printing them out lately.  It's my pregnant brain's way of coping in what I consider to be chaos.  You should see my chore list of stuff I want to get done before I head off to the hospital! It's impressive!

SO yeah, back to the sleep bit though.  The fact that I've gotten two nights of restful sleep I find a bit... unsettling?  I've been too rested!  Pregnant women as far along as I am shouldn't feel rested!  They should be cranky and tired!  And while I am tired, I'm far from cranky.  In fact, I'm in rather good spirits and crack jokes about how if this kid doesn't come out soon I'm going to take legal action against him.   My back hurts, sure.  But what 38 weeks pregnant lady doesn't have a back ache?  

I'm in too good a mood!  And I have a Mandy Moore song stuck in my head!  There has to be something wrong!!!  ACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!! PREGNANCY PARANOIA!!!!  MUST RUN AWAY!!!!  In the meantime, here's the song I have stuck in my head:


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