Friday, September 14, 2007

Five Days

Jack is now 5 days overdue. So, in honor of that little tidbit, here is a list of 5 things that can be done in 5 days:

1) You can get the five day weather forecast.
2) You can take a 5 day cruise around the Bahamas (although, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it now since it's hurricane season).
3) You can do the whole "Five Days to a Flatter Stomach" thing.
4) You can find out if you're pregnant five days before your missed period if you take an EPT brand test.
5)  If you're God, you can create day and night, create oceans and air, create and move land, create flowers, trees and other various plants, create the moon and then create creatures of the sea and birds that fly above the land.  Unfortunately, cats, dogs and other land animals come on the sixth day and then you get a break on the 7th day so yeah... If you've only got 5 days, you're screwed... 

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