Saturday, September 08, 2007

Random News from the Jess-front

Good morning all!  No, I'm not in labor.  I spent a good portion of the day walking yesterday and I'm still not in labor.   In fact, the only issue I'm having right now is that my allergies are exploding and I've got a particularly nasty stomach ache and feel rather nauseous from all of the wonderful post nasal drip drainage that I've got going on.  The antihistimines just aren't cutting it, either.  

So yeah, no baby Jack yet.  Tomorrow is the official "due date."  Lily has been counting down and telling everyone that he baby brother is coming this weekend.  So far, it hasn't happened.  Any day now, though.  At least, that's what we keep saying.  I think Jack is far too comfy and warm in there.  Mickie took me out yesterday and we walked all over the place.  I came home with aching feet but other than that I actually felt pretty good.   I was slightly annoyed at all the pee breaks I had to take (I was going something like every 20 minutes), but survived and spent a bit of money on some cute clothes for Jack, fresh baked bread from Great Harvest Bread Company and got way too obsessed with this one tetris like game from United Arts and Education. 

Today Lily is going to a picnic at Potowatomi Zoo with her abuelita.  She is really looking forward to it. My oh-so-fashionable daughter was spoiled yesterday and I bought her a cute leopard (she says it's cheetah) print dress with matching backpack.  She told me it would be "perfect" for the picnic.   I didn't mind because it was on sale for $9.99 (including the backpack/purse!), so I grabbed it.  She also wanted a pair of matching leopard/cheetah print boots but I told her that wasn't happening.  She's going to need sneakers for school very soon and while normally I'm all for matching boots (and there are some cute ones out there this year!), Lily needs something a little more solid and play-worthy for school.  Sneaker shopping will commence within the next week or so, Jack dependent. 

In other news, I got an email from Tim Richardson this morning.  He wanted to know if I was interesting in running yet another clothing drive and possibly help him get some sort of event set up for the promotion of auditions to his new movie spoof, Harvey Putter.  I told him that I wasn't particularly sure I'd be able to do anything due to impending newborn and the the whole taking care of the newborn thing.   BUT, in true Jess fashion, I've already emailed my contacts over at the radio station and at least started the ball rolling for him.  I figure if anything, I can turn whatever the event turns into over to Jedlipuff and it'll be in good hands. Chaotic hands, but good hands nonetheless. 

Casey is off helping his parents move stuff to Nappanee this morning.  He left about twenty minutes ago.  He is driving my car.  This should be interesting considering the fact he has only driven my car a few times and I have been with him in the car each time.   I trust my hubby, but I'm VERY nervous for my car.   While he does okay with stick shift, if he encounters any problems with traffic, it may not be pretty.  We'll just have to wait and see. 

Well, I'm off.  I want to be productive while Casey is off helping his parents. 

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