Friday, October 05, 2007

Delayed Thursday Thirteen: 80's Movies

Okay, taking a cue from my sis-in-law, I picked a Thursday Thirteen topic.  This one, I actually came up with myself.  It's movies from the 80's!  Here we go:

1) Teen Wolf: Michael J. Fox as a ackward teen who has a bigger problem than getting the hottest girl in school to notice him.  My favorite scene?  When he's in the bathroom freaking out about turning into a werewolf and his dad makes him open the door and the dad is a werewolf too.  They made a sequel with Justin Bateman, but yeah... we'll ignore that one. Kinda like we'll ignore the sequel to the next movie on my list.

2) Dirty Dancing:  "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."  ROTFLMAO!!  Okay, I still love this movie despite the fact it had that silly line.  It fulfilled all my preteen fantasies and spawned the whole cutoff jeans thing. 

3) Goonies: This movie had me on trasure hunts, exploring the woods behind our house.  It is one of those movies that you watch when you're a kid and you're worried if it will hold up to your happy memories when you're an adult.  I think it does.  Oh, and Josh Brolin is in it and so is a very young Sean Astin.

4) Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: I don't care what anyone says, I LOVE this
 movie.  Time travel in a phone booth? George Carlin as Rufus?!  WYLD STALLIONS ROCK!!!  

5) The Lost Boys:  Featuring both Corey's (Feldman & Haim), Keifer Sutherland, and Jason Patric.  Vampires teens in California headed up by Edward Hermann.  I still love this movie.  I heard they're making a sequel.  I know it'll probably suck, but I'll watch it anyway.  

6) Pretty in Pink:  Molly Ringwald, brat pack queen, stars in this teen 80's drama.  Good girl from wrong side of tracks meets rich boy, rich boy invites poor girl to prom, poor girl gets excited but then gets dumped due to rich boy dealing with peer pressure from asshole rich friends, poor girl makes her own dress and goes to prom anyway, rich boy realizes he's an ass and begs forgiveness.  It gets me every time.  

7) Mannequin:  Andy McCarthy and Kim Cattrall (aka Samantha from Sex in the City) star in this silly little movie.  The basic plot?  Mannequin comes to life, helps poor schlub with career,  schlub falls hopelessly in love, zany fun ensues when no one can see the mannequin come to life but then eventually comes to life in the end while narrowly escaping a wood shredder.  I have no idea why I like this movie, but I do. 

8) Weekend at Bernies:  Another Andy McCarthy movie.  This movie is just silly.  I won't even go into it because it's so silly. 

9) The Breakfast Club:  Come on, like I could make a list of 80's movies without add
ing this onto the list.  It's a classic featuring pretty much all of the "brat pack."  Five high school students get detention and proceed to reveal their inner most thoughts to each other. 

10) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation:  Yes, it's from the 80's.  I checked.  Yes, it's a holiday movie, but it's still an awesome movie and it's from the 80's so it qualifies.

11) Ferris Bueller's Day Off: "Bueller?  Bueller?..."  I absolutely heart Matthew Broderick in this movie.  

12) Ladyhawke: Another Matthew Broderick movie.  It also has a young Michelle Pfeiffer and a sorta young but not really young Rutger Howard.  Never really liked him, but I liked him in this movie.  It's a fantasy movie about a couple (Pfeiffer & Howard) who is cursed.  During the day, Pfeiffer is a hawk and Howard is human and then at night Pfeiffer turns into a woman and Howard is a wolf.  It's all romantical. 

13)  Dragonslayer:  Another fantasy movie.  It's one of those movies that I know won't hold up to my standards now, but I have good memories of watching this movie.  I enjoyed the whole dragon slaying thing mixed in with magic.  Yeah.  It was fun. 

Now, you'll notice that I didn't put uber classics like ET or any of the Star Wars movies on the list.  Those are kind of obvious ones.  I put somewhat less than obvious movies on my list.  I could honestly go on and on with this particular topic, but I won't just because I'm tired and have a slight headache.  Also, I'd probably bore the snot out of you... eventually. 
That's my list, what's yours???


Carrie Lofty said...

Ask Casey to flip through his copy of Redeeming Will Scarlet for the Dragonslayer bit. It's in there. He'll know what I mean. And I just watched 16 Candles for the first time today :)

Mircalla said...

I watched The Lost Boys for the first time only recently... and loved it. I thought I would have enjoyed it more in my teens, but I actually liked it a lot.

I'd like to watch the goonies again.

ET is missing from your list? Why?

I do not know the others (except for Dirty Dancing), unless they have different titles in Italian... Which one is your favourite?

More updates on little jackson, please and you have not told stories about your delivery yet! : (