Monday, October 01, 2007


No, I'm not pretending to be a zombie.  Although, I feel like one.  Actually, I feel like a zombie that got hit back a mack truck... multiple times.  Not dead, though, still zombie like because the mack truck failed to decapitate me. 

Jack and I have contracted Casey's cold.  I started feeling it on Friday morning and have been getting progressively worse the past couple of days (hopefully, it's about done but I think I have another day or two to go).  I've got a massive sinus headache and Jack's right eye has been gunked up the past two mornings.  Poor baby!  At least we're both sleeping okay, though.

Yesterday I went to bed around 7 o'clock, leaving Jack in the care of Casey and Lily.  I told him to just come and wake me up when Jack woke up, but do you know what my wonderful husband did?  He let me sleep!  When Jack woke up, he gave him a bottle, changed his diaper, swaddled him up and brought him upstairs and placed him in his bassinette.  I didn't even wake up until about ten minutes after Casey set him down and that was only because Lily came and crawled in bed with me!  Jack woke up about half an hour after that and I let him nurse (he's a very hungry boy it seems) and then he went back to sleep.  He slept from about 10:30 to 2:30AM!  Insert somewhat happier Jess here.  

Now, if we could continue the 4 hour sleeping pattern at night, all would be relatively good.  For now, I have to finish getting everyone ready to head out the door to take Lily to school.  We're slowly starting to get the hang of that... Our morning routine is extended about 20 minutes just getting Jack ready to go and everything (this is generally because he likes to poo right before we walk out the door).

I'm off for now...

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