Monday, December 31, 2007


Stuff I've done in 2007:

1) Found out I was pregnant and eventually gave birth au natural.

2) Organized, planned and helped host a massive charity event (The House Elf Clothing Drive) in which both radio and television interviews were conducted (albeit nervous interviews!).

3) Went up three pant sizes (during pregnancy) and then managed to go down to a size 8 pant (which is two sizes smaller than I was pre-pregnancy) this morning.

4) Managed to lose 15 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight to now. (There has been a total weight loss of 35 pounds, but most of that was pregnancy weight.) All while eatting relatively well and having the occasional cheese fries.

5) Purchased a new car.

6) Weened myself off caffeine for nearly 10 months, got back on the "sauce" (in this case sauce = caffeine), and have successfully weened myself down to one can of coke per day.

7) Took apart the dishwasher and fixed it.

8) Helped plan a 50th Anniversary party for my aunt in uncle. I printed the invites, helped finalize the menu, etc. Still sore about the lack of enthusiastic thank you from my mom...

9) Embraced my inner asshole and chased someone down the street for throwing a McDonald's bag in our yard.

10) Crossed the St. Joe river in a canoe just to learn about the area's history.

11) Watched several seasons of Dr. Who and thuroughly enjoyed them all.

12) Became a Mac Convert.

13) Read the new and last Harry Potter in 2 days.

14) Watched a LOT of movies.

15) Gave Casey a crash course in driving stick. He figured most of it out himself.

16) Ate a lot of turkey and still managed to have a ton left over.

17) Was rather sleep deprived for most of the year.

18) Had a brilliant Christmas and managed to get all of my shopping done in less than 5 hours! Wrapping... now that's another story entirely.

Yep, I feel quite accomplished and the year isn't over until midnight. Wonder what else I can do?

OOH! I almost forgot!! I also helped remove and replace a dryer. We took one out and brought the other in! I channeled my "inner Chuck Norris" to accomplish it, but I did it and I impressed my hubby while I was at it. Cool, huh?

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