Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good deed of the day.

I have finally brought my dad into the 21st century! I talked him through ordering a cell phone over the internet and he now has his very own cell phone coming in the mail. The world is now a better place that I can get a hold of my dad whenever I want to.
It's funny if you think about it... 10 years ago we didn't really have cell phones. They weren't nearly as prevalent as they are today and if you did have one, you paid out the ass for service. Now, everywhere you look people have cell phones. While with the introduction of blue tooth technology it is no longer necessary for us to have one glued to our ears, one hand holding phone, one hand on the steering wheel, we can now walk around and simply push a button attached to a small headset that fits conveniently over your ear, say the name of the person you're calling and wha-la! You're connected! Now people don't so much stare at you talking on the phone, but they stare at you because it looks like you're talking to yourself.

I wonder when someone is going to figure out how to do like a cochlear implant so all we have to do is like touch our ear to answer the phone. Oh, and those cars that have blue tooth already in 'em? FREAKIN' COOL!!

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