Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Things I still have to do before Christmas.

I managed to get my portion of the Christmas shopping done yesterday and now comes the fun part... everything else I have to do! So, here we go:

1) Wrap presents. I will probably have to wrap everyone's but my own.

2) Stay home today and wait for those few remaining packages that I've been told are coming.

3) Bake Christmas Cookies. Butter jets, more chocolate crinkles, Mexican wedding cakes, sugar cookies, etc.

4) Go to my mom's house and do laundry. With the dryer dead, I can't do laundry here and Casey is in need of pants. So, after those packages come, off I go!

5) Mail my Christmas Cards. Yes, I know, I'm horrible. They're sitting on my dining room table, addressed but not stamped. Off to the post office with me! (Oh, that will be a joy!)

6) Clean.

7) Clean.

8) Clean.

9) Take the annual trip to Winding Brook to see Christmas lights.

10) Finalize plans with family. I still don't know who's coming when and when we need to go wear. For some reason that drives me nuts. I blame it on the fact that I like schedules and if I don't have things scheduled, my day can get away from me (as it often does).

11) Get Jack to giggle on camera and email it out. You may think this is not important, but it is! He keeps giggling for me, but whenever I try and get him to do this for his dad or anyone else he doesn't. He's a stinker.

12) Dye my hair. Geez, it's such an atrocious colour at the moment!

13) RELAX!!! This is of course, after I finish the stuff on my list. ;-) Anyone want to help??

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Carrie Lofty said...

Is Winding Brook still any good? I'd have thought the rich posh lighting would've moved to a new suburb by now. We'll be up on Saturday :)