Monday, January 14, 2008

A Good Day for Snow

Last night I kept waking up because Jackson was making these horrible stuffy nose noises.  It was like the poor little man couldn't breathe!  He kept snorting and sniffing.  I finally got him to sleep after rocking him for half an hour but the minute I laid him back in his bassinet the horrible cycle would start again.   It made for a very restless sleep and when I finally did manage to fall asleep for more than half an hour the morning alarms went off.  Jack, finally comfy, Casey and I cuddled until 7.  That was by far the best part of the night. 

So, today Jack and I have been staying in doors, I've been sucking the boogers out of his poor, stuffied little nose and watching snow accumulate outside the windows.   Add an entire vat of chicken goop with rice (aka chicken a la king) and it's a pretty good day to stay inside. 

How is your Monday going?

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