Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pass the hot cocoa, please!

This weekend my dad came up for a visit and has had the chance to "enjoy" what we like to call a typical Northern Indiana winter day.  Actually, now that I think about it, we all got to enjoy it because we haven't had anything this cold since I think two years ago at Thanksgiving time.  

Temperatures have been in the single digits with minus double digit windchill.  Luckily, I prepared ahead of time with a trip to the video store, renting a handful of movies (Shoot 'Em Up, Idiocracy, Reality Bites, Roly Poly Oly for Lily, and A Dirty Shame) to keep us occupied.  We ended up watching Shoot 'Em Up (which was hilarious for it's complete lack of realism and actually a decent action movie), Lily watched her movie and then keeping with the theme of ridiculous action movies with absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever, we also watched Crank. 

I heart Jason Statham.  He's so yummy. 

Dad and I managed to go to Sam's Club on Saturday afternoon to get Jack some formula and then Dad, craving Little Caesar's Pizza, braved the cold once again Saturday evening and got us pizza.  All hail Daddy and his ability to brave the cold!  I wanted to get out of the house but there was no way in hell I was going out in the cold. 

So, we have stayed in all weekend.  Casey is playing Mass Effect, Lily is now in bed, Jack's in his swing (and I'm hoping he falls asleep soon!) and me... well, doing that whole blog thing as usual. Tomorrow Jack has his 4 month check up.  I'm curious as to how much he weighs.  I'm also expecting to get the go ahead for baby food (rice cereal, pureed fruits, etc) tomorrow.  He is also getting 4 shots so he'll probably be too cranky to try anything tomorrow.  I'm hoping to video tape the first feeding to see how messy it is.  Maybe I'll youtube it!

Other than being slugs, not much is going on.  I've been doing a ballet conditioning workout DVD this past week and I'm thuroughly loving it.  It makes me want to take a real class.  Maybe in the near future but not until the spring at the very least. 

I'm off... I'll update tomorrow with all the latest Jack information. 

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