Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Should we talk about the weather?

It's January 8 and it should be cold.  Instead, it's 54 degrees and after a morning of rain, the sun is now peaking through the clouds in a few spots.   Yesterday it got up to 66 degrees.  Today it's 10 degrees cooler and it's supposed to drop to around 30 and it's supposed to snow.  I'm not looking forward to scraping ice off my car tomorrow, but then again when does anyone look forward to scraping ice of their car.

Jack's new way of getting attention: whining.  He does an absolutely adorable whine to get you to look at him and then when you look at him and say "Hi Jack!" he gives you a big cheesy smile and sticks his tongue out at you.  He is definitely getting the tongue thing down. 

I'm suffering from "I want to cut my hair" syndrome.  I'm desperately fighting the urge to cut my hair.  I'm trying to grow it out and it's in an annoying phase.  I've been pushing it back with headbands lately, but the headbands give me headaches.  I can't find a happy medium.  I will just have to suffer.

I think that Hillary Clinton is slick.  The show of emotions yesterday... damn, that girl is good.  People have been saying she's cold?  Show a little emotion and set 'em straight.  The girl isn't afraid to do what it takes.  Unfortunately, that kinda frightens me.  I have to admit, though... If the Clintons do get back into the White House, I'm thinking it'll be entertaining to say the least.  What will Bill do now that he doesn't have the responsibility of running the country on his shoulders? Wait a sec... We already know the answer to that.  At least he already knows where the closest McDonald's is? Hee hee. (Note: I actually like the Clintons.  They're charismatic.)

I hope the Writers Guild Strike comes to a close soon or else television is going to suffer.  It's already suffering, but yeah.  I do, however, believe that Casey and I could write a kick ass episode of Heroes. 

Jack snores.  It's cute.  

I just finished Disc 4 of Nip/Tuck Season 3.  I have to say, I wanted more Carver action.  I'm still getting my guilty pleasure, but still... Season 3 was supposed to be all Carver! Or rather, it should have been.  I'm totally going to have to get Season 4 now.  I'll be posting a review of Season 1-3 soon.  I think I'll break it down by season, too.  I'm enjoying the hell out of it. 

I think that's it for now.  

"Should we talk about the weather?
(HI...hi, hi)
Should we talk about the government?
(Hi...hi, hi hi)"
-R.E.M.  Pop Song 89

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