Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Survey time.

About my Husband


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1. How did you meet your husband and how old were you? 15. I met him in High School.
2. Was it love at first sight? I don't think so. I thought he was cute.
3. How did you know you were supossed to marry him? Um, I wrote down "I think we're in it for the long haul." About two weeks after we started going out.
4. What was the first date like? It was the foreign language hayride. Our friend Chico and his girlfriend kept copying us.
5. Where did your first kiss take place? The back of the van coming back from one of the academic competitions. We conked heads. How romantic.
6. Dating... local or long distance? Both.
7. Do you know everything there is to know about your husband? Doubtful. I learn new things every day.
8. Were your parents supportive of you when you started dating? Not particularly.
9. Did you wait till marriage to have sex? No, but we did wait a LONG time.
10. How long was it till you got engaged after you started dating? Years.
11. Long or short engagement? Relatively short. Once we were engaged it was like "Wanna go get married?"
12. Did you write your own vows? Nope. There wasn't much time.
13. What was one of the things that attracted you to your husband? His X-Men collection. ;-)
14. Do you believe he is your soulmate? Yes.
15. Are you happy that you married him? Absolutely.


1. Place your husband was born and date? Somewhere in California, 1978.
2. Favorite movie? He has many.
3. Occupation? Concrete foreman
4. What is one of his favorite things to do on the weekends? Annoy me by playing video games until 5AM.
5. What was his first thought of you when you first met? No idea.
6. Does he snore at night while sleeping? Yes, but not often.
7. What about farting in his sleep? Not yet.
8. If you could go one place with him anywhere in the world where would that be? Vegas.
9. How often do you have sex? Not often enough, apparently.
10. Is he the best thing that ever happend to you? Nope. My children are.


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