Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

After not wanting to wake up this morning, I went downstairs and let Ronin out in what looked to be about 3-4 inches of snow.  South Bend Schools being weird lately, I decided to check the news to see if school was canceled.  Nope, Lily had to go off to school today.  On the way there I was beginning to wonder if it was a good idea.  The roads were very slick and I saw 2 accidents, a slide off and someone hit a telephone pole not far from our house (the car was already gone, but crews were in the process of fixing it).  Yep, just what I want to see while taking my kid to school. 
Today is my mom's birthday.  When I called to wish her happy birthday she was all full of doom and gloom about how she and her friends are getting older and she doesn't care if I put her in a nursing home as long as it's a nice one.  To that I say "MOMMY!!!!"  And then I proceed to tell her that she has many many many many years to stick around... and talk stupid.   
Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!  
Seriously, my mom is awesome.  She's 71 years old and runs around like a teenager.  She volunteers at the hospital as a translator, she takes line dancing classes, aerobics classes and works out like 3 times a week, she freaks out if she gets a pound over 130 lbs., she likes to go dancing and almost every weekend she goes to Chicago for music concerts.   My mom is one very hip-happening lady.  She takes really good care of herself and I can only hope that I'm in as good a shape as she is when I'm her age. 
We're supposed to go out to lunch this afternoon, but we're currently playing it by ear.  The weather isn't being that cooperative.  Again, the aforementioned snow thing.  We'll see how it goes.  
For now, I'm going to go finish up the laundry, make a few phone calls and play with Jackson. 

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It's Monday and while I gnosh on some breakfast and watch bad reruns of The Outer Limits (were there any good episodes of this show?) on sci-fi channel, I find myself making a list of all the fabulous things that I have to do today.   The morning has already started fabulously and for once I'm not being sarcastic!  It's actually shaping up to be a good day! Whoo hoo! 
Jackson was in a good mood, despite waking Casey and myself up several times last night, and Lily got dressed in record time.  Now, if we can keep the momentum going it will be a really good day!
Mainly on the agenda: [have to interrupt- people toasting with red wine on very white couches... is this an episode on how to tempt fate? I'm waiting for someone to spill...] disinfecting EVERYTHING.  Oh, and a nap in there somewhere too.  Yeah, everything needs to be disinfected, sheets changed, things washed and put away.  It's a busy day as far as chores are concerned.  Eventually today I also have to go pick up copies of pictures for my mom, too.   And then I have to decide where I'm taking my mom for lunch tomorrow.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I want to do something nice. 
So yeah, that's it.  Oh, and I have to circulate pictures of Jackson doing his best Ralphie impression. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Absolutely nothing new to report.

 It's been a day.  Not a good day, not a bad day.  I managed to get some cleaning done, got to play with my new dishwasher (seriously, it was entertaining!), did some laundry, sat with Casey in the bathroom for a while, changed the litter in the litter box, played with Jackson.  Same old same old. 
Casey fell asleep in the bathroom twice.  I was there on Wednesday, so I know how he feels.  I feel bad for him.  It's the evil rage at blame! Damn that rage! 
We spent the afternoon watching bad television and then we watched Rounders this evening.  I am now waiting until until Jack has his evening bottle before I crash.  Casey just had to remind me that he had a ton of nap time today, I have actually been awake since 3:30-4AM.  Yep.  He HAD to remind me.  I am now drinking some cappuchino so I can stay awake long enough to not get Jackson fed and then crash myself.  I'm thinking I definitely need to change into pajamas, though.  Warm, toasty, pajamas.... yep. Sounds like a plan. 
Although, I'm totally needing something hydrating before I go to bed.  My mouth is starting to get rather dry.

..."Infected with Rage"

It all started last week.  Lily threw up at Sears.  We had an entire week before it struck again.  Wednesday afternoon, just after the installation of our new dishwasher, my stomach started not feeling good.  I played it up to some not good tasting whatever and went on my merry (yet cramp-y) way. I went to pick Lily up from school and proceeded to throw up three times in the parking lot at her school.   I called Casey and asked him when he was coming home and if he could pick me up some sprite.  I got Lily in the car, and home we went... And then I proceeded to throw up more.   I kept throwing up until around 10 o'clock, which was when the NyQuil kicked in.  Oh, I love you NyQuil! Thou art wonderful!  
Thursday, I didn't throw up but I didn't want to move at all.  Jackson was shuttled off to Nappanee on Wednesday night because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle him.  Thank you to my wonderful in-laws!  I don't think I would have been able to cope without you!  And a big thank you to Mickie, too, who not only got her butt up early to take Lily to school, but also picked her up, made sure she did her homework and everything! How awesome!  
Casey came home around 3:30, took a shower and went off to get me supplies and pick up Jackson.  I went back to sleep and was out until Ronin started going nuts when Lily got home.   I came downstairs, loved on my kid, and plopped down on the couch to watch television.    Casey got home about an hour later, we watched Supernatural and then went off to bed. 
Around 4:00 last night, I woke up with Casey jumping out of bed, saying "son of a bitch!" on his way down the stairs and then heading straight for the bathroom.  Husband also has the rage.  Luckily, he should be okay by Sunday.  
I just hope Jackson doesn't get it.  That would be really really bad.  I am now going to attempt to take a nap.  I'm still pretty tired.  I'm functioning, but tired.  I'm also still kind of achy. So yeah, so we've got the rage.  It's not fun. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...And then some

To recap:  Casey and I have known each other for 14 years and have been married for 4 years.  Life is good.  The kids are healthy, happy, and both of them are getting new teeth.  Jack has two teeth coming in and Lily is getting another one of her permanent teeth.  Whoo hoo!
Last week, not so good.  Lily had a bad stomach virus and was puking Wednesday and part of Thursday.  I kept her home on Friday just because she needed a day to recoup.  She spent the night at her abuelita's house Friday and then Saturday she had a birthday party, I had a funeral to attend and then off Casey and I went with the kids to Nappanee, where the parental units were nice enough to watch both kids while Casey and I had some anniversary celebrating to do. 
We went out to dinner at this 50's style dinner called Alley Oops.  We got our usual cherry cokes (coke with added cherry syrup, the old fashioned style!), hamburger platter and Casey ordered his usual chocolate malt (they make THE BEST malts) which I drank half of it.   After that, we tried to decide whether or not to go to a movie.  We ended up driving around aimlessly, being silly and reminiscing about the past 14 years.   It was really nice.  Sunday, we didn't do much of anything.   Then yesterday, which was our actual anniversary, Casey went off to work while Lily had the day off from school (that whole presidents day thing).  It was quiet and we just enjoyed our family.  
Today it was back to the grindstone... sorta.  Casey isn't working today due to extreme frigid temperatures.  Tomorrow the dishwasher gets here.  Whoo hoo appliance anniversary! Now, I get to go babysit the beef stew I'm making for dinner and hunt down the bread that I bought to go along with it... 

Monday, February 18, 2008

Four Years...

Four years ago today Casey and I looked at each other, said "Wanna get married?"  We then hastily called local family and friends and headed down to the court house.  We jumped headlong into marriage and family and four years later, while we've had our issues, we're still going strong.   Four years!!!  How amazing!  Oh, and for those of you curious, this fall marked 14 years of knowing each other.  

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Dishwasher Story

Our dishwasher hasn't working very well.  So, since we've been spending our tax return productively (all needed home improvements and saving the bulk of it), after much discussion we bought a very nice whirlpool dishwasher.   Wednesday, I went to go purchase the dishwasher after picking up Lily from school.   
I noticed something was off with Lily when I picked her up.  She wasn't her usual cheerful self.  She had a look on her face that looked like she was confused.  So off we went to Sears.  I knew exactly what I wanted so we weren't there for more than half an hour.  I was all excited, too, because Sears price matches.  I had found the dishwasher cheaper at ABC Warehouse, but I'm a little leary about them, and Sears also had the whole free delivery/free installation thing going on.  So, Sears presented the better deal.  The thing about the Sears price matching, they say they take 10% off the difference.  I didn't realize that it was just off the difference, I thought it was off the whole price.  So there I was, all excited that I'd be saving $30, when in fact I ended up only saving thirty cents! Poop!  
And then, Lily annouced that she wasn't feeling well and had to go to the bathroom.  So, off we went and as soon as we got to the bathroom, the poor thing popped.  She at least made it into the toilet in the bathroom, which I thought was impressive, but it was just the beginning of a very long night. 
Last night was a very long night, too.  This time Jackson wasn't cooperating very much.  He woke up at around midnight, and again at 2:30 and finally at 5:30.   Not fun.   So, we're all kind of sluggish around here.  I managed to bake 36 cupcakes yesterday, though.  25 for Lily's class and then the rest stay home for us to gnosh on. 
This weekend we get to play anniversary stuff. Whee fun!  Now, what to do?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Cheap, yet Romantic Dates

In honor of Valentine's Day I have decided to make a list of 13 fabulously romantic dates that are relatively on the cheap side.  Guys, take notes, cuz gals will probably melt over such things.  Now, I should also note that some of these are impossible to do in the wintertime, but keep them in your bag-o-tricks for those special occasions. 

1)  Grab a few blankets and a thermos of hot cocoa and head to a park.  Huddle up under the blankets together and watch the snow fall while sipping hot cocoa.  

2) Take a romantic walk in the rain.  (Note: I would wait until summer to do this.)  Don't forget to take an umbrella, though. 

3) Surprise her as she's coming out of work with a bouquet of wild flowers that you picked yourself and a pizza.  Go on an impromtu picnic.  If you don't want to pick the wild flowers, I recommend a bouquet of daisies. 

4) Take her to a pet store to look at the puppies and kittens.  Note: this may backfire, however, and you may be coming home with a yapping machine.   However, this one was one of my favorites back in high school. 

5) Rent all a few of her favorite movies, go buy a big tub of movie theatre popcorn, and surprise her with a movie night.

6) Take a drive to somewhere secluded, park, roll down your windows, turn the music up and ask her to dance with you in the moonlight.

7) Go for a moonlight walk on the beach.  I recommend bringing that thermos of cocoa and maybe finding some firewood on your way.  Cuddle up next to the fire and watch the waves crash on the beach.

8) Surprise her at home by cooking her favorite dinner. Afterwards, do all the cleanup for her, too. 

9) Borrow a book of romantic poetry from the library, go someplace quiet and read to her. 

10)  Channel your inner youth!  Have fun in the snow!  Build a snow man together, have a snowball fight, go sledding!  (Again, that thermos would be pretty handy)

11) Back to the beach.  Build sandcastles together.

12) Take photos of the two of you and spend the afternoon making an album out of them and reminiscing.

13) Go do kareoke with her.  Sing her favorite song to her.  She'll think it's romantic and silly no matter how horrible you sound, regardless if it's a Spice Girls tune or not. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to as close to normal as you can get during winter.

Casey headed off to work, Lily is off at school, and Jack is happily asleep for his morning nap.   After a ridiculously long weekend (Lily being off Monday due to extreme cold and Casey being off yesterday and Monday due to not wanting to work in the cold... really can't blame him there), things can get back to normal today.  I look around the house, the weekend "implosion" of the house and I'm already making lists in my head of what needs to be done.  My problem: where to start. 

First things first.  Shower!  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with our house, we have one of those fabulously romantic old fashioned antique clawfoot tubs.  Unfortunately, until yesterday there was no shower.  We've been living off of baths for the past few years.  We had a shower in the basement but for some weird reason, the thing would flood and that's really not a good thing.  Well, over the weekend we replaced the faucet in the backtub and the replacement had a shower! Whoo hoo!  With a little gerryrigging we were able to attach the thing from the ceiling and the wall and we were off.  Fun stuff.

Today: clean house, more dishwasher research, Dark Angel on sci-fi channel and potato soup. Warm tummy stuff!

Monday, February 11, 2008


Mind you, I have the thermostat currently set at 70.  It is so cold outside (for most of the day, the temperatures have been hovering in the single digits with negative double digit windchill) that while staying in hearty sweat pants, multiple layers of socks and tops, we have been huddling under a quilt on the couch watching much to much cable (we got the extra fancy cable box with the extra fancy on demand). 
Lily's school was canceled for the second time in 7 days and I'm guessing it's going to be just as cold tomorrow and if that's the case: more cuddling under a quilt.  Today is definitely a good day for us to have an electric blanket!  Ronin has only been going out for 10 minutes at a time and thankfully, he's happy enough to curl up either at our feet or between doorways so he can monitor all of the goings on in the house. 
I am currently watching Jericho on the sci-fi channel.  The plot premise is nuclear bomb goes off, small town deals with trials and tribulations figuring out if America is under attack.  I started watching the show back when it was on CBS (is it still on CBS or did they get canned from CBS? I have no idea) and managed to catch two episodes.  Unfortunately, it conflicted with something else I watch.  I think maybe Heroes or House? Dunno.  In any case, it seems fun and I figured I'd give it another go.  
Oh, and for the record: ON DEMAND IS FREAKIN' COOL!  There are way too many movies on there that I want to watch and all of 'em are in the free section!  The video store won't be getting any money from me anytime soon.  There are also a couple of episodes of Torchwood on so yeah, I'm definitely going to have to watch. Fun fun fun. 
Jackson's teeth are coming in quite nicely.  They're not quite halfway out but he's already starting to look very very cute with his two little teeth.  The grumpy hasn't gone away yet, though.  Last night he bit my shoulder pretty hard.  I should say something more to the effect of he gnawed my shoulder pretty good.  I made him cry when I screamed ow.  Poor little monkey. 
So yeah, that's what we've been up to.  We're so dull.  This weekend should be better, though.  We're celebrating our 4 year anniversary (it's not until the 18th, but we're going out on Friday or Saturday). It's been a heck of a 4 years, that's for sure, but I'll save that for another blog post. 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Attack of the Jack-o-saurus Rex!

Much like my sister-in-law, the Stone Family is holed up inside today. It is too freakin' cold! Our ambient temp is hovering around 2 degrees with a windchill of -23. Yeah, not fun. So inside we stay! I think I'll turn today into a field day. I'm feeling somewhat productive, so I might as well egg my family on, too.

Casey already has one project, though. Yesterday we had to replace the faucet in our tub. Let's put it this way... I could pee faster and with more volume when I was pregnant than what was coming out of the faucet the past couple of days. It turns out the thing was just old and dead so away we went to the land of the home despot where we purchased a new faucet and... wait for it... A SHOWER!!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I may very well have a working shower in the next couple of days!

Now, our tub is one of those old antique claw foot tubs. It didn't have a shower at all, let alone a shower curtain. So, the thing we bought yesterday (for all of $70, thank you very much!), comes with this spiffy ring that you hang from the ceiling that holds the shower curtain AND the shower head! Included is the pipe that goes to the shower head and now we'll have a spiffy shower! Whoo hoo! The thought of possibly having a shower sometime this week... Oh, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

The only thing left for me to do now is to convince Casey that a dishwasher will serve this family better than a camcorder. Personally, I would much rather have a device that does my dishes than a camcorder. Most women, who are the ones who do the dishes in the house, would agree with me on that one.

Jackson and his two tiny teeth has decided that he is a dinosaur. At least, I think he's pretending to be a dinosaur. He does a really funny and really loud growl/roar combination that just sends us into giggles. Lily started calling him Jackosaurus Rex because of it and then she and him will get into growl/roar-ing contests which just makes me kinda shake my head, grin, and eventually reach for my ipod. It's quite funny. His teeth are coming in quite nicely and whatever he can get his hands on goes straigh in the mouth and is gnawed upon. I really need to tape him doing his dinosaur noise, though, cuz it's awesome. I figure in about a week when those teeth are all the way out, he may be a baby dino to be contended with. Whoo hoo!

Well, my cinnamon rolls are done so off I go to have some and shiver whilst looking outside. Then, I think I may watch John Travolta in drag. Yep, I'm bored.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Meme! Now with comments!

Keeping in the whole "I don't feel good" theme and I'm trying to keep myself occupied, I decided to steal the meme that Carrie had on her blog.  I'm adding personal comments, though.  So, enjoy and feel free to post your own meme.   Basically, put an "x" by stuff you've done.

Level 1
(x) Smoked a cigarette.
(x) Smoked a cigar.
(x) Kissed a member of the same sex.
(x) Drank Alcohol. 

Level 2
(x) Are/been in love.
(x) Been dumped.
( ) Shoplifted.
(x) Been fired.  
- thanks to my ex.  He was constantly late picking up Lily so I was constantly late for work.  
(x) Been in a fist fight. 
-Does it count if you were the one punching/scratching/etc but the other person was just squeeling like a wussy beneath you?

Level 3
(x) Had a crush on an older person. 
(x) Skipped School.
- I was the only one of a group of 3 girls that DIDN'T get caught. 
(x) Slept with a classmate.
-Okay, I checked this one because my hubby was at one point a classmate.  Granted, we werent't sleeping together when he was my classmate (we were all young and innocent) but yeah... we're married now and constantly sleeping together.
(x) Seen someone/something die.
-My friend Mickie's ferret.  We had to take it and put it to sleep. It was sad.

Level 4
( ) Had/Have a crush on one of your friends who is now on Facebook. 
-I don't do facebook. 
( ) Been to Paris.
( ) Been to Spain. 
(x) Been on a plane.
( ) Thrown up from drinking. 
-Not a big drinker and never been so drunk that I've puked.

Level 5
(x) Eaten sushi. 
-eww! Tastes like tongue.
( ) Been snowboarding.
( ) Met someone because of Facebook.
( ) Been in a mosh pit.

Level 6
( ) Been in an abusive relationship.
(x) Taken pain killers.
(x) Love/loved someone who you can't have.
-Woe to me, Orlando Bloom, how I want thee!
(x) Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by.
(x) Made a snow angel.

Level 7
(x) Had a tea party.
(x) Flown a kite.
(x) Built a sand castle.
(x) Gone mudding.
-well, sorta.  It was inside a building full of mud. It was fun.
(x) Played dress up.

Level 8
(x) Jumped into a pile of leaves.
(x) Gone sledding.
(x) Cheated while playing a game.
-Thank you Frank who taught me how to get rid of extra cards in uno.
(x) Been lonely.
( ) Fallen asleep at work/school.

Level 9
(x) Watched the sun set.
( ) Felt an earthquake.
(x) Killed a snake

Level 10
(x) Been tickled.
(x) Been robbed/vandalized.
(x) Been cheated on.
(x) Been misunderstood.

Level 11
(x) Won a contest.
-won a computer about 9 years ago.
( ) Been suspended from school. 
( ) Had detention.
(x) Been in a car/motorcycle accident.

Level 12
(x) Had/Have braces.
-4 years of not fun and headgear!
(x) Eat a whole pink of ice cream in one night.
(  ) Danced in the moonlight.

Level 13
(x) Hated the way you look.
(x) Witnessed a crime.
-And proceeded to call the cops while waving a sword in the air.
( ) Pole danced.
(x) Questioned your heart.
(x) Been obsessed with Post-It Notes.
-doooooood! They come in such pretty colors!

Level 14
(x) Squished barefoot through the mud.
(x) Been lost.
( ) Been on the opposite side of the world.
(x) Swam in the ocean.
( ) Felt like you were dying. 

Level 15
(x) Cried yourself to sleep.
(x) Played cops and robbers.
(x) Recently colored with crayons/colored pencils/markers.
(x) Sang Kareoke.
-Does Rock Band count?
(x) Paid for a meal with only coins.

Level 16
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't.
(x) Made prank phone calls.
( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose.
( ) Kissed in the rain.
-Tried to get Casey to do this once, but he wasn't having it. Bugger.

Level 17 
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus.
(  ) Watched the sun set/rise with someone you care/cared about.
(x) Blown bubbles.
( ) Made a bonfire on the beach or anywhere.

Level 18
(x) Crashed a party.
( ) Have travelled more than 5 days with a car full of people.
(x) Gone rollerskating/blading.
(x) Had a wish come true.
( ) Slept with a member of the same sex.

Level 19
(x) Worn pearls.
( ) Jumped off a bridge.
(x) Screamed "penis" or "vagina"
( ) Swam with dolphins.

Level 20
( ) Got your tongue stuck to a pole/freezer/ice cube.
( ) Kissed a fish.
(x) Worn the opposite sex's clothes.
(x) Sat on a roof top.

Level 21
(x) Screamed at the top of your lungs.
(x) Done/attempted a one-handed cartwheel.
( ) Talked on the phone for more than six hours (in one day).
(x) Recently stayed up for a while talking to someone you care about.

Level 22
(x) Picked and ate an apple right off the tree.
(x) Climbed a tree.
(x) Had/been in a tree house.
(x) Been scared to watch scary movies alone.

Level 23
(x) Believed in ghosts
(x) Have had more than thirty pairs of shoes (not necessarily all at once)
-No comment.
(x) Gone streaking.
(x) Visited jail. 
-bailed someone out once, too!

Level 24
( ) Played chicken.
( ) Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on.
( ) Been told you're hot by a complete stranger.
( ) Broken a bone.
(x) Been easily amused.

Level 25
( ) Caught a fish then ate it later.
( ) Mad a porn video.
(x) Caught a butterfly.
(x) Laughed so hard you cried.
( ) Cried so hard you laughed.

Level 26
(x) Mooned/flashed someone.
-In walmart!!!
(x) Had someone moon/flash you. 
-Oddly enough on 31 south, just outside of Kokomo on the way to Indy. 
( ) Cheated on a test.
(x) Forgotten someone's name.
(x) French braided someone's hair.
(x) Gone skinny dipping.
( ) Been kicked out of your house.
( ) Tried to hurt yourself.

Level 27
(x) Rode a roller coaster.
(x) Went scuba diving/snorkling.
(x) Had a cavity.
( ) Black mailed someone.
( ) Been black mailed.

Level 28
(x) Been used.
(x) Fell going up the stairs.
( ) Licked a cat.
(x) Bitten someone.
(x) Licked someone -- not in private places.

Level 29
( ) Been shot at/or held at gunpoint.
( ) Had sex in the rain.
( ) Flattened someone's tires.
(x) Rode your car/truck until the gas light came on.
(x) Got five dollars or less worth of gas.

Those last two are basically how I spent my senior year of high school. 

How to Spend Money

So yeah, just in time for our tax refund our dishwasher is not being very nice. It's not washing things worth a poop and more times than not I'm having to re-wash things once they come out of the dishwasher.

I get to do research today on dishwashers and try and find us a decent deal. Whee fun! All while feeling very much like crap because Jackson decided to keep waking up every hour last night. I finally managed to get an hour and a half or so of decent sleep simply by picking him up and putting him next to me in bed. BUT, if you've ever slept with a baby in the bed before you know it's not very restful. In fact, you tend to wake up very stiff and sore because you don't move and don't really relax during your sleep time simply because of the baby. He slept fine, I slept very light and very stiff.

I put him back in the crib around 5:24 (I looked at the clock) and six mintues later Casey's alarm went off. I begged him in my best sick voice (which wasn't very hard because I sound relatively horrible) that if he didn't need to get up until 6, to please just use my alarm and turn his off. I then pulled the covers over my head (despite being incredibly hot... I'm running a temp for sure) and slept very hard for half an hour.

The canceled Lily's school today. I have no idea why. It's a little foggy and they only had a half day. Everyone else and their uncle who busses kids either has a two hour delay or has canceled school (mostly 2 hour delays). I find it completely amusing that they didn't cancel school the other day when the roads were pure ice and conditions were trecherous to say the least, but a little fog and slushiness and they cancel. Yep, don't get it at all. Lily, however, is loving it. We still have to go out and run some errands in a minute, though.

I'm off. I want to get things done and crawl back into bed.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Attempting to gnaw at stuff...

The big news this week is the fact that Jackson is cutting two teeth! I think that it was on Wednesday when we noticed the first one and I proceeded to get very excited. And then Thursday afternoon, just after lunch, I was checking on the progress of the tooth and noticed a second tooth cutting the surface of his gums. This time I did the whole excited thing but then proceeded to scrunch up my face and say: "Jackson, stop growing so fast!"

You know, I remember when Casey told me that a boy was going to be in a hurry to do everything. I guess that means he's in a hurry to grow up, too. Personally, I don't want little man to grow up too fast. It's bad enough Lily keeps growing, but does Jackson have to as well? The suckiest thing about being a mom is the fact that your kids grow up.

In about twenty minutes my mom is picking me up for "ladies day out." We're going to see Evita at the Morris Civic Auditorium in lovely, snow filled Downtown South Bend. I've been looking forward to this since November when I found out it was going to be playing there. I have seen Evita four times.

The first time I was about 8 years old and my dad took me to see it in Bloomington. We left after school (I think I had a half day that day) and drove up. We spent a couple of hours driving around the IU Bloomington campus and Dad showed me where his dorm was, different buildings, where he attended classes, the fountain there, this great pizza place (which I think still exists and does have excellent pizza), the Student Union, the chapel where he and my mom got married and finally we went to the performance. I thought it was the most awesome thing I'd ever seen!

The second time I saw it Chicago with my mom. Again, incredible. The third time, however, was by far the best experience. I saw it at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. with my dad and my step-mom. Every summer we would go to D.C. when I was a kid and we'd try and catch some sort of performace at the Kennedy Center. I have seen Evita, Miss Saigon, Madame Butterfly, and Phantom of the Opera there. My parents were always rather awesome as far as exposing me to various cultural venues. Often times we had to drive quite a ways to see whatever it was, but I always enjoyed it. It's something that I'd like to do with Lily and Jack if possible. My mom has taken Lily to several kids plays and ballets. She doesn't seem as interested as I was at that age, though. You can't force kids, you can just expose them and hope that it inspires them in some way.

Well, I really must go and get ready. I'll probably write about it later.