Friday, February 22, 2008

Absolutely nothing new to report.

 It's been a day.  Not a good day, not a bad day.  I managed to get some cleaning done, got to play with my new dishwasher (seriously, it was entertaining!), did some laundry, sat with Casey in the bathroom for a while, changed the litter in the litter box, played with Jackson.  Same old same old. 
Casey fell asleep in the bathroom twice.  I was there on Wednesday, so I know how he feels.  I feel bad for him.  It's the evil rage at blame! Damn that rage! 
We spent the afternoon watching bad television and then we watched Rounders this evening.  I am now waiting until until Jack has his evening bottle before I crash.  Casey just had to remind me that he had a ton of nap time today, I have actually been awake since 3:30-4AM.  Yep.  He HAD to remind me.  I am now drinking some cappuchino so I can stay awake long enough to not get Jackson fed and then crash myself.  I'm thinking I definitely need to change into pajamas, though.  Warm, toasty, pajamas.... yep. Sounds like a plan. 
Although, I'm totally needing something hydrating before I go to bed.  My mouth is starting to get rather dry.

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