Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...And then some

To recap:  Casey and I have known each other for 14 years and have been married for 4 years.  Life is good.  The kids are healthy, happy, and both of them are getting new teeth.  Jack has two teeth coming in and Lily is getting another one of her permanent teeth.  Whoo hoo!
Last week, not so good.  Lily had a bad stomach virus and was puking Wednesday and part of Thursday.  I kept her home on Friday just because she needed a day to recoup.  She spent the night at her abuelita's house Friday and then Saturday she had a birthday party, I had a funeral to attend and then off Casey and I went with the kids to Nappanee, where the parental units were nice enough to watch both kids while Casey and I had some anniversary celebrating to do. 
We went out to dinner at this 50's style dinner called Alley Oops.  We got our usual cherry cokes (coke with added cherry syrup, the old fashioned style!), hamburger platter and Casey ordered his usual chocolate malt (they make THE BEST malts) which I drank half of it.   After that, we tried to decide whether or not to go to a movie.  We ended up driving around aimlessly, being silly and reminiscing about the past 14 years.   It was really nice.  Sunday, we didn't do much of anything.   Then yesterday, which was our actual anniversary, Casey went off to work while Lily had the day off from school (that whole presidents day thing).  It was quiet and we just enjoyed our family.  
Today it was back to the grindstone... sorta.  Casey isn't working today due to extreme frigid temperatures.  Tomorrow the dishwasher gets here.  Whoo hoo appliance anniversary! Now, I get to go babysit the beef stew I'm making for dinner and hunt down the bread that I bought to go along with it... 

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