Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to as close to normal as you can get during winter.

Casey headed off to work, Lily is off at school, and Jack is happily asleep for his morning nap.   After a ridiculously long weekend (Lily being off Monday due to extreme cold and Casey being off yesterday and Monday due to not wanting to work in the cold... really can't blame him there), things can get back to normal today.  I look around the house, the weekend "implosion" of the house and I'm already making lists in my head of what needs to be done.  My problem: where to start. 

First things first.  Shower!  Now, for those of you unfamiliar with our house, we have one of those fabulously romantic old fashioned antique clawfoot tubs.  Unfortunately, until yesterday there was no shower.  We've been living off of baths for the past few years.  We had a shower in the basement but for some weird reason, the thing would flood and that's really not a good thing.  Well, over the weekend we replaced the faucet in the backtub and the replacement had a shower! Whoo hoo!  With a little gerryrigging we were able to attach the thing from the ceiling and the wall and we were off.  Fun stuff.

Today: clean house, more dishwasher research, Dark Angel on sci-fi channel and potato soup. Warm tummy stuff!

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