Friday, February 15, 2008

The Dishwasher Story

Our dishwasher hasn't working very well.  So, since we've been spending our tax return productively (all needed home improvements and saving the bulk of it), after much discussion we bought a very nice whirlpool dishwasher.   Wednesday, I went to go purchase the dishwasher after picking up Lily from school.   
I noticed something was off with Lily when I picked her up.  She wasn't her usual cheerful self.  She had a look on her face that looked like she was confused.  So off we went to Sears.  I knew exactly what I wanted so we weren't there for more than half an hour.  I was all excited, too, because Sears price matches.  I had found the dishwasher cheaper at ABC Warehouse, but I'm a little leary about them, and Sears also had the whole free delivery/free installation thing going on.  So, Sears presented the better deal.  The thing about the Sears price matching, they say they take 10% off the difference.  I didn't realize that it was just off the difference, I thought it was off the whole price.  So there I was, all excited that I'd be saving $30, when in fact I ended up only saving thirty cents! Poop!  
And then, Lily annouced that she wasn't feeling well and had to go to the bathroom.  So, off we went and as soon as we got to the bathroom, the poor thing popped.  She at least made it into the toilet in the bathroom, which I thought was impressive, but it was just the beginning of a very long night. 
Last night was a very long night, too.  This time Jackson wasn't cooperating very much.  He woke up at around midnight, and again at 2:30 and finally at 5:30.   Not fun.   So, we're all kind of sluggish around here.  I managed to bake 36 cupcakes yesterday, though.  25 for Lily's class and then the rest stay home for us to gnosh on. 
This weekend we get to play anniversary stuff. Whee fun!  Now, what to do?

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