Sunday, February 24, 2008


It's Monday and while I gnosh on some breakfast and watch bad reruns of The Outer Limits (were there any good episodes of this show?) on sci-fi channel, I find myself making a list of all the fabulous things that I have to do today.   The morning has already started fabulously and for once I'm not being sarcastic!  It's actually shaping up to be a good day! Whoo hoo! 
Jackson was in a good mood, despite waking Casey and myself up several times last night, and Lily got dressed in record time.  Now, if we can keep the momentum going it will be a really good day!
Mainly on the agenda: [have to interrupt- people toasting with red wine on very white couches... is this an episode on how to tempt fate? I'm waiting for someone to spill...] disinfecting EVERYTHING.  Oh, and a nap in there somewhere too.  Yeah, everything needs to be disinfected, sheets changed, things washed and put away.  It's a busy day as far as chores are concerned.  Eventually today I also have to go pick up copies of pictures for my mom, too.   And then I have to decide where I'm taking my mom for lunch tomorrow.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I want to do something nice. 
So yeah, that's it.  Oh, and I have to circulate pictures of Jackson doing his best Ralphie impression. 

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