Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

After not wanting to wake up this morning, I went downstairs and let Ronin out in what looked to be about 3-4 inches of snow.  South Bend Schools being weird lately, I decided to check the news to see if school was canceled.  Nope, Lily had to go off to school today.  On the way there I was beginning to wonder if it was a good idea.  The roads were very slick and I saw 2 accidents, a slide off and someone hit a telephone pole not far from our house (the car was already gone, but crews were in the process of fixing it).  Yep, just what I want to see while taking my kid to school. 
Today is my mom's birthday.  When I called to wish her happy birthday she was all full of doom and gloom about how she and her friends are getting older and she doesn't care if I put her in a nursing home as long as it's a nice one.  To that I say "MOMMY!!!!"  And then I proceed to tell her that she has many many many many years to stick around... and talk stupid.   
Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you!  
Seriously, my mom is awesome.  She's 71 years old and runs around like a teenager.  She volunteers at the hospital as a translator, she takes line dancing classes, aerobics classes and works out like 3 times a week, she freaks out if she gets a pound over 130 lbs., she likes to go dancing and almost every weekend she goes to Chicago for music concerts.   My mom is one very hip-happening lady.  She takes really good care of herself and I can only hope that I'm in as good a shape as she is when I'm her age. 
We're supposed to go out to lunch this afternoon, but we're currently playing it by ear.  The weather isn't being that cooperative.  Again, the aforementioned snow thing.  We'll see how it goes.  
For now, I'm going to go finish up the laundry, make a few phone calls and play with Jackson. 

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