Tuesday, February 05, 2008

How to Spend Money

So yeah, just in time for our tax refund our dishwasher is not being very nice. It's not washing things worth a poop and more times than not I'm having to re-wash things once they come out of the dishwasher.

I get to do research today on dishwashers and try and find us a decent deal. Whee fun! All while feeling very much like crap because Jackson decided to keep waking up every hour last night. I finally managed to get an hour and a half or so of decent sleep simply by picking him up and putting him next to me in bed. BUT, if you've ever slept with a baby in the bed before you know it's not very restful. In fact, you tend to wake up very stiff and sore because you don't move and don't really relax during your sleep time simply because of the baby. He slept fine, I slept very light and very stiff.

I put him back in the crib around 5:24 (I looked at the clock) and six mintues later Casey's alarm went off. I begged him in my best sick voice (which wasn't very hard because I sound relatively horrible) that if he didn't need to get up until 6, to please just use my alarm and turn his off. I then pulled the covers over my head (despite being incredibly hot... I'm running a temp for sure) and slept very hard for half an hour.

The canceled Lily's school today. I have no idea why. It's a little foggy and they only had a half day. Everyone else and their uncle who busses kids either has a two hour delay or has canceled school (mostly 2 hour delays). I find it completely amusing that they didn't cancel school the other day when the roads were pure ice and conditions were trecherous to say the least, but a little fog and slushiness and they cancel. Yep, don't get it at all. Lily, however, is loving it. We still have to go out and run some errands in a minute, though.

I'm off. I want to get things done and crawl back into bed.

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