Monday, February 11, 2008


Mind you, I have the thermostat currently set at 70.  It is so cold outside (for most of the day, the temperatures have been hovering in the single digits with negative double digit windchill) that while staying in hearty sweat pants, multiple layers of socks and tops, we have been huddling under a quilt on the couch watching much to much cable (we got the extra fancy cable box with the extra fancy on demand). 
Lily's school was canceled for the second time in 7 days and I'm guessing it's going to be just as cold tomorrow and if that's the case: more cuddling under a quilt.  Today is definitely a good day for us to have an electric blanket!  Ronin has only been going out for 10 minutes at a time and thankfully, he's happy enough to curl up either at our feet or between doorways so he can monitor all of the goings on in the house. 
I am currently watching Jericho on the sci-fi channel.  The plot premise is nuclear bomb goes off, small town deals with trials and tribulations figuring out if America is under attack.  I started watching the show back when it was on CBS (is it still on CBS or did they get canned from CBS? I have no idea) and managed to catch two episodes.  Unfortunately, it conflicted with something else I watch.  I think maybe Heroes or House? Dunno.  In any case, it seems fun and I figured I'd give it another go.  
Oh, and for the record: ON DEMAND IS FREAKIN' COOL!  There are way too many movies on there that I want to watch and all of 'em are in the free section!  The video store won't be getting any money from me anytime soon.  There are also a couple of episodes of Torchwood on so yeah, I'm definitely going to have to watch. Fun fun fun. 
Jackson's teeth are coming in quite nicely.  They're not quite halfway out but he's already starting to look very very cute with his two little teeth.  The grumpy hasn't gone away yet, though.  Last night he bit my shoulder pretty hard.  I should say something more to the effect of he gnawed my shoulder pretty good.  I made him cry when I screamed ow.  Poor little monkey. 
So yeah, that's what we've been up to.  We're so dull.  This weekend should be better, though.  We're celebrating our 4 year anniversary (it's not until the 18th, but we're going out on Friday or Saturday). It's been a heck of a 4 years, that's for sure, but I'll save that for another blog post. 

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