Saturday, March 08, 2008


Not much going on.  Lily is feeling better, I'm contemplating cleaning out my car (depends on outside temp... the sun is shining but if it's cold a giant screw that will be uttered from my mouth).  I'm thinking Lily and I need some girlie time together.  Haven't gotten much as of late other than cuddle time last night and even then, Jackson was interrupting that.  

Casey got up this morning and stated: "That is the LAST time I move TWO children from our bed."  I came up with a joke, but way too late.  My head is telling me that I should have said something to the effect of "Well, then, we'll just have to have three in bed with us."  Hee hee. I'm evil and such.  I think he would have panicked worse than the time about 3 years ago when he jumped on me and I yelled (without missing a step) "Don't! You'll squish the baby!"  Yep, I'm terribly evil.  

In any case, I'm thinking of taking Lily to see The Spiderwick Cronicles.  She is intrigued by it.  Then again, she's going through a fairy fascination phase.  I definitely think the Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago will be an absolute delight to her in the spring. 

My dad is currently in Florida with my uncle.  Last year when they were in Florida they managed to sink one of those fan boats in the Everglades.  So far the only disaster that they've dealt with are tornadoes near Gainesville (apparently the tornadoes did an absurd amount of damage and killed a few people) and he and my uncle have been calling the retirees around where they're staying a "bunch of old farts."  I forsee an uprising of said retirees.  

Hmmmm.... makes me wonder, if the fast zombies from 28 Days Later were to infect old people that are incredibly slow, would the old people then move really really fast?  I'll have to call Jedlipuff and debate this with him.  And this is a topic that definitely needs further debate. 

So yeah, off to mess with my hair, eat some cheerios and clean out my car.  I see a chocolate malt in my near future as well.  Tasty. 

Toodles all!

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