Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh I am SOOOOO gonna see this!!!

Welcome back warm fuzzy feelings from my youth!! I am a child of the 80's! I remember when cartoons used to not completely suck on Saturday mornings and the glory days of magical movies like Labarynth, Dark Crystal, Neverending Story and most importantly The Goonies! Lost Boys I didn't see until the late 80s. I dreamed of flying on Falcor's back! I had a pretend pet just like Fizgig! One Eyed Willie's treasure remained lost and hidden... in the woods behind our house! And the Frogg brothers.... I was going to marry Edgar Frog (or possibly Bon Jovi, which would have completely upset my cousin who was a total Bon Jovi fan) and we were going to have a vampire killing dynasty!

Welcome back, Lost Boys! I have missed you! I think the only thing that could make this even better is if they announced the production of Goonies 2, which apparently the entire cast would love to do but Warner Bros. doesn't want to do it. Buttheads. Oh, by the way, so far Goonies is the only movie from my youth that has been able to keep it's magic.

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