Thursday, March 06, 2008

Return of the Rage

Lily is sick again.  Same symptoms as last time.  Me being paranoid, I took her to see her pediatrician this weekend.  She said that it was just a bug and there was nothing much we could do other than give her lots of liquids and have her rest.  Lily got a couple of days off from school (today and tomorrow) out of it, though.  She's probably in heaven about that.  I'm not looking forward to the make up work, but it has to be done, so yeah.

I suppose the good news is that Lily isn't the only one that has gone through two bouts of this bug.  According to her doctor, there have been several kids (and several moms worrying about their kids due to picking up the bug multiple times) with the bug more than once.   I am now under the firm impression that this years flu vaccine didn't work at all.  I think even a placebo would have worked better than this!

I'm just thankful that Jackson hasn't gotten sick.  He's as happy as can be, talking up a storm, and having fun practicing rolling over.   Mickie is supposed to pick up girl scout cookies today for me.  We had plans to go out this morning and do some running around, but plans have changed due to the rage and such.  

Oh, and Lily hasn't thrown up since about 9 this morning, so I guess that means she's starting to feel better?  I'm off.  I am starving and I am gonna fix some lunch.

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