Monday, April 28, 2008

Frakkity frak frak frak! Or How Monday's are NOT supposed to go...

I picked Lily up from school today and as she gets into the car she tells me "Mom, my stomach hurts.  I have a bunch of owies on it."   Since she's getting in the car, I can't necessarily check her first thing so we wait until we get home.    Home we go and as soon as she gets out of the car, she lifts up her shirt and says "See!  They kinda hurt."  Her stomach up to her armpits had dozens of little bumps on them.   Little bumps that look oddly like chicken pox. 

This is the part where I begin to think "How the hell?!"  It looked bad enough for me to call the doctor, so that's what I did and hadn't been home more than 5 minutes when we turned around and got back in the car and off we went. 

Turns out that it's not chicken pox.  Which I was wondering how the heck she could possibly even get chicken pox because she has not only had the original vaccine but the booster as well.  The doctor looked down her throat and in her ears, looked at Lily and said "Does you ear hurt Lily?"  She said no and then he looked in her ears again.  It turns out that she has the beginning of an ear infection.  According to the doc, you can get a rash along with an ear infection but it is very very rare.  Lily gets to stay home from school tomorrow and take some antibiotics. 

While we were there I also had the doctor look at Jackson's eye.  It's been gunking up the past few days with what I thought were allergies.  Turns out I was wrong about this too.  Little Mr. Man could very possibly have pink eye!  So, he got some eye drops.  Yeah, it has not been a fun day at Casa Stone.  I'm definitely not liking this Monday.  At least this evening there is a new episode of house and Casey and I can catch up on season four of Battlestar Galactica before that comes on. 

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