Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today was Lily's last day of school.  When I picked her up, she came tearing out of the school like most of the kids, but instead of doing the whole "School's out! Schools out! Teachers let the monkeys out!" dance, she had this disaster had struck look on her face.   I knelt down on the ground and asked her what was wrong.  

And then, she started crying.  CRYING!!!

In all her dramatic splendor, tears streaming down her face, taking deep gasping breaths out came the reason for her woe: "I'm really gonna miss Mrs. Ford!!!"  Instant hug from Mom.  I told her that it was going to be okay, that she would see her beloved teacher next year, although she probably wouldn't have her as a teacher, she would get to see her again.   Mrs. Ford, who had come outside in the meantime, saw me hugging on Lily and came over.  More hugs for Lily from Mrs. Ford.   Lily calmed down and went off to say bye to her friends and Mrs. Ford looks at me and said "There are some days that I really have to wonder why I do this and that right there is why.  Every so often there is one kid that you really get through to and it adds to your life as much as you have added to theirs."  

Thank you Mrs. Ford.  This is one teacher that I will never forget and I doubt that Lily will either.   

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sniff a little. 

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