Monday, May 12, 2008

Let the preparations begin!

Casey's birthday is on Thursday! Over the weekend Mickie and I took a little jaunt to parts partially known (Casey figured out that at one point we had been in Shaumburg due to a Rainforest Cafe bag that I brought home and a reciept from the Aveda store in Shaumburg...master detective that one) but we have left him completely baffled as to what he's getting for his birthday. The funny part is that the main present arrived several days ago and this was just extra. The roadtrip, however, was my mother's day present. I figured it would be, so I enjoyed myself that much more knowing that I wasn't going to come home to any complaining.

The trip was pretty fun. Mickie and I were silly and we discovered that the IPass works on the Indiana Toll Road now. Happy Jess! I need to give John (we borrowed the IPass from him) some cash, though. While we didn't go through too many tolls on the way up, the way back we hit quite a few. That's what we get for getting lost on the way to our destination, though. LOL.

Casey's party is on Saturday. He has requested fried chicken, mashed potatoes (and chicken gravy), I think corn on the cob was in there, too... can't quite remember though. I'll have to double check because I'm doing the grocery shopping and taking Lily shopping for a present for him today. This week I also get to clean my butt off in preparation for the main event. Casey's got quite a few things strewn about that I need to find out where he wants to put them so I can get rid of them as soon as possible.

Not much else going on. In 29 days I turn 30. I'm starting to freak out just a little bit. Not much, but a little bit. I'm guessing it'll come and go just like any other day but I'm hoping that someone (Casey- hint hint) throws me a party or something. I'm also hoping that I get that Kawasaki Ninja... I don't see the Ninja happening, but the girl can dream. I like to dream big, too. Well, maybe not big but definitely expensive. LOL .

I'm off... lots to do.

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