Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Lily!

Today, my eldest monkey is 9 years old.  Nine years old!!  Where has the time gone?  It seemed just like yesterday she was learning to crawl, talk and walk and now I'm starting to get a little bit of pre-teen attitude.  She's still an exceptionally good kid, though, but now I'm starting to worry about her getting boy crazy, etc.  I say that and yet the first thing she put into the purse we got her for her birthday was fairy toys.  I think I still have a few years to worry.  Insert smiley face here. 

In a couple of hours we'll be going to the cast and crew barbeque where Lily's final birthday surprise waits: The Quaffle Kids and Kiran Shah singing happy birthday to her.  I think she'll probably be more excited by Joe (aka Rod Cheesely) singing happy birthday to her than anything... she was "stalking" him around the set yesterday.   Pictures will definitely be posted later.

I'm off for now.  I want to attempt to sneak in a nap before we go. 

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