Monday, June 09, 2008

My Last Day in my 20's.

Tomorrow I turn 30.  Part of me is approaching it as any other day and the other part of me is completely freaking out.  My wonderful husband asked me yesterday (yep, yesterday) when I wanted to have my party.  Insert wanting to be completely frustrated here.   I have to be honest, though, I didn't expect much so I really shouldn't feel disappointed but seriously... to plan your own birthday party?  I made myself a cake the past four years, so I'm guessing this year will be no different.     I atleast get to look forward to my traditional birthday donuts with Mickie tomorrow morning.   I believe Brooke is joining us this time, too.  And then tomorrow night, SONICS!!!  Sonic's is finally opening today and tomorrow we're having my birthday dinner there.  I'm totally looking forward to that because the only time I really get to have sonic, at least in the past few years, is whenever we head down to Kentucky to visit my dad and stepmom. 

In other news I have a summer project outside of the house.  I am helping on the production of Harvey Putter.  It's a parody of Harry Potter being filmed here in Northern Indiana.  My wonderful friend Brooke is the assistant director and tapped me to help out because apparently I am a goddess organizing stuff.  I also got to do the wig styling and make up on the Nunbridge character.  Judy, the woman who plays Nunbridge, is absolutely hilarious and I fell in love with her in about ten minutes flat.  She's hilarious.  Jason, the special effects make-up guy, was completely amazed at the job I did on her.  The wig and the makeup, while I made the makeup slightly more severe (as per the directors request) than the original character Nunbridge is based on), everyone said it was pretty much spot on and true to the original. Whoo hoo! My first IMDB credit as hair and makeup on a movie!   Now, I just have to get it on IMDB.  Lily is also going to get a credit on IMDB and Jackson may potentially get a credit as well as baby Harvey Putter.  We're not 100% positive though. 

That's what's happening here.  

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