Monday, June 02, 2008

Stolen Meme

I decided to steal the ABC meme that was on Carrie's blog today.   Lots of stuff going on but not stuff I want to report... yet.  I will, however, be posting some pics from our home improvements that we did over the weekend (mostly Casey working his ass off, but I got to help as much as I could and I got to use the drill! Whoo hoo!).  So, here goes...

A- Age: 29.  I'll be 30 in 8 days.  Eep!
B- Band listening to right now: None. TV is on. 
C- Career Future: Currently Mom of two, but hopefully in the next couple of years rockin' hair stylist.

D- Dad's Name:  Joe
E - Easiest person to talk to: Casey
F - Favorite type of shoe: Currently a toss up between flip flops or sneakers
G - Grapes or Grapefruit: Grapes. Green ones. 
H - Hometown: Madisonville, Kentucky.
I - Instrumental Talent: a lifetime of piano and 2 years of recorder lessons
J - Juice of Choice: apple.
K- Koala bear or Panda Bear:  Koala.  They have a wicked sense of humor and sound a bit like Eddie Izzard.

L- Longest Car Ride Ever: Hmm.  That's a toughy.  I'm guessing from Madisonville, KY to Orlando, FL. 

M- Middle Name: Terri (my mom says it's short for terrible)
N- Number of jobs you've had: 11?? I think that's right.  I held two jobs at once on more than one occasion.

O- OCD traits: Don't think I have any, except for maybe obsessively cleaning the bathroom.
P- Phobias: snakes.  I hate snakes.  Hate 'em with a passion.  Oh, and dentists.
Q- Quote: "It's hard to intimidate grass. It's been there a really long time."
R- Reason to Smile: It's almost time for Casey to come home!
S- Song you sang last: "Safety Dance", you can dance if you want to...
T- Time you wake up: 7:00AM
U- Unknown fact about me: Hmmmm... don't know.
V- Vegetable you hate: beets. Yech!
W- Worst habit: procrastinating. 
X- X-Rays you've had: teeth, chest, sinus/head
Y- Yummiest food your belly likes: steak
Z- Zodiac Sign: Gemini

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