Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This isn't going very well, is it?

Day two of summer school and it seems that summer school is not the problem. Lily thuroughly enjoyed summer school. In fact, she came home proclaming it "awesome" and the bus that she rode on to get to school "rocks!" I, on the other hand, am growing increasingly frustrated with South Bend's buses.

Yesterday, I expected the buses to be late. First day, not a big deal. I did not, however, expect the bus to be 20 minutes late! This meant that we were sitting outside from 7:30 until the bus finally showed up at 8:00! And then, when the bus got there, it wasn't the correct bus! I asked the bus driver who was this rat faced, sour looking woman, what had happened. She, in a voice appropriate of a rat faced, sour looking woman answered in the most snide way possible that the other bus didn't start so they sent this one out instead. Understandable, no big deal. I could have done without a healthy dose of attitude that early in the morning, though. I just shrugged it off and went about my day.

Today, I was expecting a 10 minute delay just because, but we we were still out at the bus stop at 7:30. 7:40 passes by, the 7:50, Talk of the Nation is over it's 8:00. Still no bus. Wait five more minutes, still no bus. I know the bus wasn't early because the little boy that lives two blocks down (his mom also waits with him at their stop), is still standing there with his mom and they are there at least 5 minutes before we are. There are also a handful of other kids on the other stop, two blocks south. So, we walk home and get in the car. I drive Lily to school and when I pull up, there is the famed bus number 86, right in front of the school, along with all of the other buses that drove to that particular school. Instantly I'm like WTF?!

I go up to the nearest figure with a name badge and inform them I need to talk to the principal and the transportation director. The man, a very friendly and smiling man, ushers me into the office and introduces me to a smiling principal. At least everyone was friendly, because I was ready to rip into some people not just for Lily's sake, but for the half dozen other kids still sitting out on various curbs in my neighborhood. While I'm there, the phone starts ringing like crazy. I'm guessing that was the other parents of the kids who "missed" the bus.

I explain to the principal what happened and instantly she grew concerned, especially when she found out there were still kids out there. The transportation director was there and she had me explain what happened to him as well. He was perplexed. The bus apparently had gotten to the school at exactly 8AM so the driver wasn't early or late. He tried calling the driver and the driver didn't answer. So, he called the main hub and got some information. Hopefully, we'll find out soon what happened. The thing that irritates me the most that not once did anyone apologize. What about kids who's parents are working and they're standing out there waiting for the bus and can't get back into their house?

I thought that sending Lily on the bus would save on some gas, but now I'm beginning to wonder if each day is going to be as much of a hassle. I'm thinking I'll just walk her to school while it's still warm and then when it gets cold, I'll drive her or I'll set up a car pool or something. So that's that.
UPDATE: I got a call from the director of transportation around 9:00 finally apologizing. I still don't know what happened, but I was more wanting the apology anyway. I informed him that I would be walking Lily to school from now on and also picking her up. I also called the school and told them that I would be picking Lily up this afternoon.
UPDATE #2: Lily was put on the bus. Her teacher was extremely apologetic, especially since she called me back to confirm that I was indeed picking her up. This really sucks since I WALKED to the school (and it started raining just as I was starting my walk back...the big, thick raindrops kind of rain, too!). The school called and had the bus come back and then Lily and I walked home.

Transportation today has been an absolute disaster.

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