Friday, August 01, 2008

Moldymort and Ludicrous sitting in a tree...

To quote my stepmother: "Goodnight, it's hot!!"  Yep, and I get to go apply makeup that will undoubtedly sweat off if this heat continues.  I am, at this point, doing everything just shy of a rain dance for it to cool down.   I actually have only been outside for less than an hour so far today and in that short time I swear I felt all but a couple of droplets of water evaporate from my body. 

Okay, so I exaggerate, there was no evaporating of water from my person, but I do feel the need to increase my water intake after being outside for about 45 minutes.  Huzzah for air conditioning! Huzzah to the person that invented air conditioning!  Huzzah for swimming pools! Huzzah that my neighbor has a swimming pool!  Huzzah they said I could go swimming in it if I wanted to!   Lovely people, really. ;-)

This evening I get to take my dad and stepmom to the set with me.  I'm excited to show them what I've been doing over the past few months.  I was showing Libby (stepmom) the pictures I took from the set last night and I think she was surprised.  I don't think any of my parental units believe this is an actual movie.   And honestly? Sometimes it doesn't feel like that to me, either.  Maybe that's because I'm having too much fun working on it.   The thing is, we're coming to the end of the shoot and while I'm still excited to be going to set every weekend, it's almost like I don't want to go because I know that today is the penultimate day of shooting.  Tomorrow, the last.  And that saddens me. 

Tim sent out emails about tearing down the set on Sunday.   That really made me sad.  

I must go hunt down my fly swatter.... one has entered the house and now it must die.

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