Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Our little man is 1 year old today!  Has it really been a year already?  Amazing!!

Little man had a HUGE birthday party yesterday.  The family from Chicago came, Harvey Putter family came, my dad and stepmom were here (albeit stepmom hid in the RV all day as not to cause any problems)... I think about everyone I knew was here. Very few exceptions to people MIA. 

Jack cleaned up quite nicely.  The smash cake was brilliant (I'll post pictures later as I have to transfer them from HP to Mac) and the pizza was a hit. 

Today is clean up and possibly a trip to the apple festival.  Depends on how lazy we're feeling.  I'd like to go but it won't kill me if we don't go. 

We're definitely tired, though.  So is little man.  Lily, I think, is the only one that is still having a blast.  Ah, to have that kind of energy. 

Life definitely changed with Jack... he's made everything a lot more interesting.  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What were you doing last year at this time?

I know what I was doing... Jack was officially 5 days late.

Around the Bend...

The leaves are falling, it's rained buckets (and is currently still raining quite a bit as I type this) in the past few days and Notre Dame defeated Michigan yesterday. Fall is officially here as the temperatures are slowly falling and Master Jackson turns one in 7 days.

Time certainly flies...

Busy week ahead. Sunny, Matt, and Ben are coming for a visit. Sunny will be staying with us (hurrah!!! I heart Sunny!). My dad is also coming for Jack's party so that will be entertaining to say the least. I hope it's not filled with bad drama. That would not be a good thing. There are three birthdays between Wednesday and Sunday. Happy birthday to Dennis, Kevin and of course Jackson.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I must go into panic mode and start deep cleaning my house. Why? Because I'm insane and I leave everything to the last minute.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So, how is it that he looks like a linebacker??

Little man had one year check up today. He lucked out and didn't have to have shots (a couple of weeks too early for shots, we're waiting until his 15 month check up in December) so I have a decently happy baby today. The stats are as follows:

Weight: 23 lbs 2 oz. (I think this was written down wrong... I think he weighs more than that. I think 33 lbs 2 oz is more accurate.) This puts him in the 60th percentile.

Height: 31 inches, putting him in the 89th percentile.

His head is 18 1/2" around, which is the 73rd percentile.

So, our little man is tall, skinny and has a big head. Just like his dad. Hee hee.

He is very healthy, though, and doc says more table food less baby food and to start weening him off bottles and onto sippy cups.

Not much else to report other than that.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I've been rather absent from the blogosphere lately.  It's been a combination of laziness and busy-ness.   This week we're going for the busy bit. 

Yesterday, Lily was scheduled for a trip to the dentist to get a filling which ended up being a cap on the tooth (cavity was bigger than they thought) and we set up an appointment for two weeks from now to pull out a baby-molar that is about ready to fall out but for some reason isn't budging.    She was brave and did really well, though, and left the dentist office somewhat excited about the stainless steel cap (she called it her "bling tooth") and sporting a Hannah Montana sticker.  Fun stuff. 

Today we did Jackson's first birthday pictures.  They're unfortunately not going to be in until September 23, but I'll have e-copies before then.   I decided to put Jackson in a Notre Dame jersey because he was in a Notre Dame jersey the first time we ever had his picture taken so naturally I had to repeat for his first birthday.  Such a cutie pie.   He was all standing with football stuff and looking very much like a line backer... Stinker!  

Tomorrow the little man gets lots of shots.  Not fun.  He's been kinda grumpy the past couple of days due to a molar coming in (a MOLAR!!?!??!??!!!).  So, I'm expecting a very grumpy little dude tomorrow and then the rest of the week will be spent cleaning and rearranging for next week.  Whee fun yeah!  (I'm not complaining, I'm explaining... how very busy I'm about to be and already am.)

Pictures forth coming!!