Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Over the river and through the wood's to Daddy's house we go!

Quite literally. My dad lives in the boonies and we will be crossing the Ohio River while we're at it! Whoo hoo! I will be taking my new Rebel XT so I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and overwhelm each and everyone of you with them!

Tomorrow is thanksgiving and tonight we drive south (note to self: pack football) to warmer weather (50's it said on and much fun and relaxation will be had. Friday we go to the Circus and Saturday we drive back. Sure, it sounds hectic, but I promise you that there will be slothfulness in there somewhere. I'm actually looking forward to heading down. I'm downright excited. There is an anxiousness that is just overwhelming at this point and I'm checking and double checking (at this point I actually think I'm octo-checking) making sure we have everything. I haven't traveled with Jackson more than an hour away yet, so this certainly will be interesting. Hmmm..... How will he handle the car ride?

My brain is running in about five billion directions all at once. I very much want to stop and smell the roses or at least grab a bite to eat but there is hair to dye, Jack to feed, dog food to pack (we're taking the dog this time around), yada yada yada.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my head itches. I must scratch and feed Jack.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How I Spent My Summer: The Trailer

Our fearless director, Tim Richardson, finally released a trailer for Harvey Putter.  Now you guys can see what I worked on all summer.   I swear, it was much more fun that it looks...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Look what we woke up to this morning!

Last night when we came home from Lily's school program it was cold, windy and the sky was spitting little bits of snow.  No big deal.  We went to bed, curled up under our electric blanket, all warm and toasty, thinking it was going to be a repeat of a couple of days ago, which was a dusting, no more than two inches and an easy clean.   You could almost say it was practice snow!

Well, we woke up to about 6 inches of snow and it was still snowing when I took Lily to school.  I went out at 7:30 to clear the walkway to the car and to clear off the steps and sidewalk.  By the time I had cleaned off my car, the sidewalk and steps were already covered again.  Sigh.  Tis the season?  On the way, I saw one of the neighborhood kids, Caleb, waiting for the bus.  I pulled over and told him to come on in and I would take him.  He gladly agreed.   There's no telling how long the little dude was out there. 

We have a lake effect snow advisery for the rest of the day and so far, it's still snowing.  We'll see when it lets up.  I'm not holding y breath.  I do know that I have to head to Lily's school in half an hour to have lunch with her and my mom and John.   It's grandparents day.   

Speaking of Grandparents... I really should call my father-in-law and see if he's feeling okay.  I'll do that when I get home. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Snow of the Season

It is currently snowing very lightly outside.  This is our official first snow of the season.  We had flurries a few weeks ago, but nothing stuck to the ground.  This is sticking to the ground and it looks like between now and Tuesday we're supposed to get somewhere between one and six inches.  

Personally, I'm hoping for the one inch total, but knowing my luck and knowing the fact that it's going to be all lake effect snow... Yeah, I'm placing my bet on the whole "being dumped on" theory of snowfall.   Mickie gave Jackson a snow suit.  I may go looking for some baby snow boots tomorrow when I take Lily to school and then introduce him to the snow if there's enough of it on the ground.  

We are currently re-editting our second short film.  We weren't happy with the cuts that we had to do for the filmaka competition, so we decided to say screw the competition, recut the footage to where it actually looks good and told a decent story and the wha-la!  Swagger!  Casey is thinking about shooting some more footage and turning it into a 20 minute short rather than the 6 minute short that it currently is, but I'm trying to find out when he's going to have time between work and then also Thanksgiving. 

This year, for Thanksgiving, we have decided to head to Kentucky.   While my dad and stepmom have made several trips up here since Jack's birth, we have yet to head down there.  My step-siblings and nieces and nephews are all very curious about Jackson and Morgan, Luke, Peyton and Paige all want to see Lily again, too.  Lily wants to see them too.  She's especially excited to head down because on Friday, the 28th, we're going to see the Hadi Shrine Circus at Roberts Stadium in Evansville.  This is also exciting for me because going to the Circus the day after Thanksgiving used to be a family tradition for me, my dad and my grandpa.   We did it until I was 9 or so and my parents divorced.   Renewing this tradition, even if it won't be every year, will definitely be fun.  This will also be Jack's first trip to the circus, so I'll be curious about how he react to the clowns and acrobats and animals.  

Speaking of Jackson, he's all over the place these days.  He is constantly following Lily around (he completely adores her!) and they are truly great friends.  She's always trying to teach him new things and he is always trying to copy her.   It's fun to watch.   Jackson has also discovered the art of mimicking every sound possible.  His favorite: when I sound like the count from Sesame Street.  He is constantly running around going "Ah ha ha ha!"  Silly boy that one. 

I haven't updated about Lily in a while.   Lily made honor roll at school!  I'm incredibly proud of her!  She recently had her first run in with a bully, though.  I was incredibly disappointed with this girl because I thought she had been one of Lily's friends.  She had been over several times and then last week we found out that the girl had smacked Lily.   After I found out, I talked to the teacher.  The teacher, who is awesome, said that yes it had happened and the girl had been punished.  I went over to the girls' house over the weekend to speak with the mother and the mother couldn't have been more of a ('scuse my french) bitch.  She had been asleep when I went over there the first time and then I suppose the little girl had warned her that I would be back.  

The girl aggrevated me the most simply because she was saying that she didn't do it, despite Lily telling us and her teacher about it and her teacher actually seeing it happen.  Lily also informed me that the girl had taken some things the last time she had been at our house and I confronted the girl about it and she accused another girl that lived down the block.   I said, fine let's go talk to the other girl and her mother.  The girl instantly changed her story.  I told her, in front of her elder siblings that what she had done not only made her a liar, but now I would think of her as a thief as well.    If her own mother wouldn't let her have it, then I sure as hell did.    

If you don't parent your own kids and if your kids do bad things to my kids, you bet your ass I'm going to discipline your kids.  

In any case, it's over and done and now it's snowing.   The Holiday Season rapidly approaches and now, I'm going to watch Jeff Dunham on the tv and tickle both kids until they can't stand it anymore. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Our New President

It was amazing how this country united and I'm amazed that Indiana was a lovely shade of blue this morning when I woke up. Congratulations President Obama! You did it! Now, keep true to your word and lead us into a better tomorrow...

Would someone please tell me why I have the song "Age of Aquarius" in my head?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rock the Vote and the Baby.

It's election day! I hope all of you registered voters got out and voted. Today is one of the days that I really love this country. It's the only day that I feel like my voice counts for something. It's awesome. I also got a free donut and free coffee, so my day was made. Happy sugared and caffinated civic minded Jess!

Today was somewhat okay. My day started at 4:30AM. I woke up to Jack not very happy. I pulled him in bed with Casey and I, and we stayed there until the alarm went off. He hadn't been feeling good last night, and both Casey and I noticed he definitely wasn't himself. At 8:00AM I took Lily to school and went off to vote. I BaROCKed the vote, and as I was stinkiness arose from Jack... He had pooed. So, I finished voting and since we were only a couple of blocks from home we went home for the diaper change. And it was nasty.

I proceeded to change slimey, runny, making my son's butt redder than a tomato poo no less than 4 times in the next hour. Oh, and we went through 4 pairs of pants today, too. Yech.

Now, I am eagerly watching the election results. Hoping hoping hoping that Barack Obama wins. My eyes are starting to drift off, but I'm fighting it... we'll see how much longer I stay up though.

Tomorrow will be a new day and we will be living in a new country. History is being made...