Friday, November 21, 2008

Look what we woke up to this morning!

Last night when we came home from Lily's school program it was cold, windy and the sky was spitting little bits of snow.  No big deal.  We went to bed, curled up under our electric blanket, all warm and toasty, thinking it was going to be a repeat of a couple of days ago, which was a dusting, no more than two inches and an easy clean.   You could almost say it was practice snow!

Well, we woke up to about 6 inches of snow and it was still snowing when I took Lily to school.  I went out at 7:30 to clear the walkway to the car and to clear off the steps and sidewalk.  By the time I had cleaned off my car, the sidewalk and steps were already covered again.  Sigh.  Tis the season?  On the way, I saw one of the neighborhood kids, Caleb, waiting for the bus.  I pulled over and told him to come on in and I would take him.  He gladly agreed.   There's no telling how long the little dude was out there. 

We have a lake effect snow advisery for the rest of the day and so far, it's still snowing.  We'll see when it lets up.  I'm not holding y breath.  I do know that I have to head to Lily's school in half an hour to have lunch with her and my mom and John.   It's grandparents day.   

Speaking of Grandparents... I really should call my father-in-law and see if he's feeling okay.  I'll do that when I get home. 

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