Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Rock the Vote and the Baby.

It's election day! I hope all of you registered voters got out and voted. Today is one of the days that I really love this country. It's the only day that I feel like my voice counts for something. It's awesome. I also got a free donut and free coffee, so my day was made. Happy sugared and caffinated civic minded Jess!

Today was somewhat okay. My day started at 4:30AM. I woke up to Jack not very happy. I pulled him in bed with Casey and I, and we stayed there until the alarm went off. He hadn't been feeling good last night, and both Casey and I noticed he definitely wasn't himself. At 8:00AM I took Lily to school and went off to vote. I BaROCKed the vote, and as I was stinkiness arose from Jack... He had pooed. So, I finished voting and since we were only a couple of blocks from home we went home for the diaper change. And it was nasty.

I proceeded to change slimey, runny, making my son's butt redder than a tomato poo no less than 4 times in the next hour. Oh, and we went through 4 pairs of pants today, too. Yech.

Now, I am eagerly watching the election results. Hoping hoping hoping that Barack Obama wins. My eyes are starting to drift off, but I'm fighting it... we'll see how much longer I stay up though.

Tomorrow will be a new day and we will be living in a new country. History is being made...

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